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Our Culture

Our Culture

ICS is a people first organization. We think of our colleagues as members of our community.

We elevate the people within our community by building successful relationships with high energy and enthusiasm. We equip our team with the most modern recruitment tools available, and a leadership team that is always available to help out.

Our Core Values reflect who we are as an organization and guide us through our daily operations. They describe our work, how we communicate with each other, and how we support our vision and mission.


Our success is dependent upon relationships that are real and sincere. We work to elevate the individuals in our community.

Always Improving

We are always improving our craft by adopting new ideas, creating growth and a sustainable future for our community.


We keep things simple by conducting business in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner.

The Buzz

We keep the buzz going by making room for a little fun. A high energy workplace leads to high quality results.

Best Experiences

Superior customer service and flexible staffing solutions that result in the best experiences for our clients and candidates.