4 Ideas on How to Effectively Manage a Remote Workforce

Posted by Marketing on 07 01, 2021

More and more companies are starting to realize the value of remote work in coping with the new normal. However, many also recognize that a remote work setup brings in a whole new set of challenges that both employees and managers have to deal with every day. 

If you are one leader who can easily name the complexities of having a remote workforce at the drop of a hat, here are some ideas you can consider in managing your team effectively: 

Promoting Technology and Security First 

Undeniably, technology has been key to making work happen beyond the four walls of a company. All these office apps, group chats, and video chat platforms have connected everyone in ways like never before, making many types of work feasible without physical presence.  

However, apart from giving employees access to these technologies, you should always prioritize security. Your files are not locked in cabinets anymore. Someone with bad intentions and the means to do so can break past weak security and pry sensitive information. So, it would be best to invest in security applications and separate devices, such as cell phones or laptops, for your workers so that you can have peace of mind. Things as simple as harder passwords and two-step authentication can help here, too. 

This would prevent things like fraud, data loss, exposure of sensitive information, and more. If you work in the financial or medical industry in particular, you do not want people who are not verified to get hold of valuable information.  

Trusting Your Workers to be Productive 

Under the current situation, 43% of workers state that they are at least partially remote, some of the time. That number is also rising steadily. Because of this, tackling issues such as employee trust and productivity are also becoming increasingly important. Letting your employees have freer rein is nice, but on the flip side, you have to think of how that will also affect productivity.  

Engaging them in person is different than when they are working remotely, and a smart manager will have different tactics and strategies to address this. Having regular communication will be beneficial here through weekly video calls. Bringing freelance workers to supplement full-time members’ work or handle other job aspects entirely is another great idea to boost your team’s productivity. 

Being Aware of Applicable Laws 

Employers have to be particularly careful about laws related to working remotely. They vary in different places, and it may be a struggle to follow federal, state, and local laws all at the same time. 

Your human resources (HR) department should be well-informed even before any problems pop up. An issue that might make a company struggle could be as simple as payment frequency. In one state, paying your employees once a month might be fine, but it could be violating a state or local law in another. The same goes for minimum wage: What might be legal in one state could not be legal elsewhere.   

Things can be delicate when you have to deal with various laws, but generally, it’s best to abide by local or state law. They tend to be more specific and relevant to the area than the more general federal guidelines, which are applicable to the whole country. 

Avoiding Discrimination and Other Mistakes 

Avoiding discrimination is one of the most important things that any company can do today. Just because you are attempting to move to remote work does not mean that goal has changed at all. HR will have to be serious at handling this as a hiring quota may not be enough to ensure equality in your remote work policy. 

HR will have to craft carefully a system that does not benefit anyone more than anyone else. For instance, your remote work policy cannot be applicable to one class of people only (e.g. white females) while other groups (e.g. males or minorities) are being left out. Clear signs of favoritism, even if unintentional, can land you into trouble quickly. This is why it is better to have a policy about what kind of work is done remotely rather than who is allowed to work remotely. 

Enhancing Your Remote Work Management 

At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we are here to support your company and leaders with the right solutions to manage a remote workforce. Contact us today to get more insights into how you can further improve your remote team and level up their productivity to set your company up for success despite the changing work environment. 

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