5 Job Hunting Keys to Success

Posted by Marketing on 08 06, 2020

For job seekers, the job-hunting process can feel like a never-ending journey with tons of twists and turns along the way. While searching can feel endless, you can implement steps for a successful job search strategy that can give you the tools to lead you somewhere concrete in your hunt.

Actively job hunting can be similar to a marketing project. However, instead of marketing a product or service, you're merely marketing yourself. In marketing, you follow the 5 Ps: product, price, promotion, place, and people. When applying for a job, on the other hand, you're the product. The other Ps you have to work on include positioning, processing, persistence, presentation, and personality. 

Let's take a closer look at some ways that can set you up for your job hunting success. Keep reading to learn more! 

Think of how to position yourself

You must identify what makes you valuable to an employer. It would help if you did this before you even start applying to jobs. Start by putting together a unique proposal that could distinguish you from other candidates in your field. That way, you're in a position to shine. When you're looking at job postings, make sure that you pay close attention to the job requirements that they're asking for from candidates. That way, you can take the time to assess how your skills fit that position.

Process information

Are you tired of applying to dozens of jobs at once? To get out of a rut, stick to companies you admire. Plus, the more your profile matches with a specific future employer, the more likely it will be to show an interest in you. Do your homework, and create a list of companies you would enjoy working for. Find out the companies' goals, their competition, and any information that could impress a hiring manager. With this intel and a good understanding of company culture, your next interview could be a home run.

Persistence is key 

It's important to remember while in the race that job hunting is a marathon, not a sprint. For even the most talented of potential candidates, stamina is needed. You could spend six months, a year, or even longer, depending on the industry, before an offer is extended.

You're probably wondering what the trick to staying motivated is. When you set small, achievable goals, you can chart your progress and see where you are. Do you need to meet more people? Set a goal to attend at least one networking event per month. This action could help you reach more people in your industry while creating valuable, professional relationships for later on.

Don't forget about how you present yourself

Work on proving your value at job interviews by preparing your elevator pitch beforehand. You should be able to let employers know your worth to a company in less than a minute. However, don't get caught up in bragging about yourself without providing clear examples of how you can apply your skills to increase a company's bottom line.

If you're great at marketing, tell a potential employer how you will use that talent to grow things like their company's blog site traffic. It's always a good idea to quantify things in numbers. Explain any past projects that you completed in the past and how you succeeded, but explain the number of hits on a site, sales increased, etc.

It's a great idea to practice your elevator pitch in front of a mirror. When you do this, you'll have the opportunity to get comfortable with yourself and your talking points. You can also record a video of yourself so that you can accurately assess your body language. Your verbal and non-verbal cues, including hand gestures and posture, are absolutely essential during a job interview. 

Showcase your personality

In a job interview, you want to show employers that you're more than a potential candidate- you're also a person with interests, feelings, and heart. No one hires just based on credentials alone. Personality can be vital to securing a great job.

When you're interviewing, relate your personality traits to the job you're applying to. For example, if you're looking to be hired in a position in customer relations, you could tell a potential employer that you are a problem solver by nature. If the job is an administrative one, you could relay your experience in being a very organized person. Be honest about who you are, as companies will find out once you're hired, but don't be afraid to be yourself and speak up about what makes you, you. It could really pay off in the right interview.

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