5 Tips on How to Get Noticed by Recruiters

Posted by Marketing on 04 23, 2020

As days go by, the number of unemployed people is growing, which only means that you need to step up a notch if you’re currently looking for job opportunities. 

Let’s face it: You may be a great fit, but there are many job seekers out there. With so much noise and chaos that employers deal with every day, what can you do to stand out from the crowd and get the job you’re eyeing?

Expanding your professional network is one way to do it. However, you also need to make sure that in the initial step of being a job applicant, you’re already a cut above the rest. Yes, you got it right. You first have to think through how to maximize your resume or online profile.

To get started, here are some valuable tips to help you get noticed by recruiters and fast-track your way toward your dream job.

1. Attract attention

Lead the recruiter and hiring manager to the position you want by mentioning industry-specific skills and keywords throughout your resume. To make the important details stand out, outline them using bulleted lists, so there’s white space. Experts also suggest giving potential employers quantifiable career snapshots, such as how much money you brought into your last company, the number of people you managed, the various projects you led, etc. These quantifiable points of reference will show off how you can be an asset to an organization.

2. Be creative

Highlight your competence in a keyword-rich isolated space on the resume, also known as a “call out” section. This section is mostly visual and is designed to break up other content and bring attention to the information you want the employer to focus on. You may also use this section to display your areas of expertise or your other quantifiable professional accomplishments. Such creativity in presenting information can help your resume become remarkable while keeping it easy to read.

3. Showcase your tenacity 

Employers are impressed by individuals who can take a challenge and turn it into a positive experience. Think about the last time you faced issues or problems in your previous position and the actions you took to overcome them. Did the problems make you a better professional and person? What were the results? Would you be proud to add those experiences to your list of achievements? Provide an overview of at least one exceptional scenario that answers these questions in your resume or digital profile. 

4. Tidy up your online profile 

Apart from your resume, recruiters and employers may want to look at your digital career profile like LinkedIn. A lot of people forget to update them regularly, so you have a good head start if yours is always neat and updated. Employers visit your LinkedIn profile to find out more about you, and they probably already have your resume if they’re interested at this point. So, make your LinkedIn profile fun to read, not just a copy-paste experience from your resume. Give them something more to think about when your name comes to mind.

5. Connect and engage

Share updates in your professional life, news that is relevant to your particular industry, and connect with hiring managers at the companies that most interest you in LinkedIn. You may also want to connect with colleagues and acquaintances and ask for recommendations to build your professional credibility. The more specific someone is in their professional recommendation, the more it helps you. Ask the person recommending you to share how you handled a particular project, role in a company, or time you helped them. 

Remember, a memorable, human story to connect with about your career can resonate more than just a simple resume. It could be the ticket to scoring that dream job you’ve been thinking about for so long.

Once you’re done with the legwork to stand out from the crowd, consider working with a recruiter as well to kickstart your moves for a new career. At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we know the people to help you do just that. Our recruitment process is specifically built to allow us to get to know our candidates and build relationships with them. Contact us today to find your next exciting career opportunity! 

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