6 Tips on How to Screen a Job Offer

Posted by Marketing on 03 24, 2020

It’s exciting indeed to receive an offer for a new job. However, some would be willing to turn down a job offer because of a less-than-decent salary or other disappointing job benefits. Surprisingly though, in a 2019 survey, these are not the main reasons half of the job seekers in the United States in industries like technology, finance, and energy turned down a job offer. It’s actually because of a terrible recruiting experience.

When the job application process takes longer than one month, it likely hinders candidates from accepting the position. Some applicants even got “ghosted” in the application process, meaning recruiters stopped contacting them after an interview. These unprofessional habits of recruiters also result in applicants discouraging friends and family from applying to the same company.

On the flip side, some other factors can still convince a future employee to accept an offer. According to data, candidates are more likely to go with companies that make the hiring process efficient and comfortable through technology. Many candidates also say they’re more likely to accept an offer if they understand the work culture of a company before being offered anything. 

Understanding a company’s culture can prove challenging, though, when you have limited information, mainly based on the hiring process. Worry not, however, because here are six tips designed to help you navigate what to look for before accepting a job offer.

Go with your instincts

Take a moment to consider how you initially felt when you got the offered job offer. Were you excited? Hopeful? If you felt some sense of dread, or secretly wished that things won’t pan out, then perhaps this isn’t the position for you. Your instincts could genuinely be the key in considering whether a change in career should be your next move.

Ask yourself some tough questions 

Think about whether the responsibilities of the job are things that appeal to you. Now ask yourself if you can do them daily. Also, think about the work environment and whether the people you’d be working with daily will seem to fit your work style. If you don’t have enough information, you have the right to schedule another meeting to gather the information that will help you make educated guesses to these questions. 

Decide if this position would advance your career goals 

While a good salary supports quality living conditions, it’s essential to think about whether this job would fulfill the career goals you have for yourself in the future. Imagine how you see yourself in years to come and think if this position can lead you there. It might also be a good idea to chart your future goals before you even begin looking for a job. This will help you zero in on what kind of companies can actually help you reach those goals.

Study the salary and benefits 

When looking at your potential salary, think about more than just your yearly take-home pay. Some companies offer lower pay but amazing benefits. Think about those benefits and whether they make a slightly-lower salary worth it. For example, childcare, excellent health insurance, and a well-stocked kitchen for employees all go a long way toward building a good work-life balance while saving money in the long run.

Know what your team would be like

While this can be a tricky step before you start working, knowing who you are working for and with on the day-to-day is an essential step toward making an informed decision. By observation and gut feel, do you think you’ll get along with these people? Will you like them? Do you think you’ll work well together? All of these are essential questions to answer.

Decide how much you want to work for the company

Since you have gone over the last five steps, now’s the time to decide if the company you are thinking about working for fits into your life and ideals. Think about its size, location, culture, flexibility, recognition, and whether you’ll be happy and proud to work there. Once you have answers to these, you can better decide then.

While searching for a job, working with a quality recruiting and staffing firm can also help you find the right fit for your work-life needs. If you’re currently on the lookout for a new career opportunity, Infinity Consulting Solutions is here to support and guide you to find one. Begin your journey in discovering the career and workplace you aspire for by contacting us today! 

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