8 Tips for Keeping Good Mental Health While Working From Home

Posted by Marketing on 06 23, 2020

There are many great things about having the ability to work from home. Running on your flexible schedule, not having to worry about expensive and long commutes, and low costs are just some of the positive aspects of working remotely. 

However, the toll of working alone can get tiresome. Loneliness can creep in, and the temptation for distractions is everywhere when you’re in your home environment. It’s not uncommon to sink into bad habits. You might stay in your pajamas all day, or forget to take breaks. You might also work longer hours than if you were working from an office.

You could be working from home for the first time in the wake of the coronavirus and social distancing. To help keep you productive, sane, focused, healthy, and happier through these uncertain times, below are eight tips for working at home while taking good care of your good mental health.

1. Have a morning routine

A morning routine is vital to the start of a productive workday. It’s not helpful to your health or sanity to roll straight to your laptop from the bed, so pretend to be headed into the office when you wake up in the morning. Have coffee and breakfast if that’s your thing, take a shower, put on real clothes, and maybe head out for a walk to clear your head and get some exercise before the workday begins. 

2. Make a home office wherever you can 

Find a space in your house, wherever that is, where you can’t be easily distracted by family members, roommates, and copious amounts of noise. Keep that room as tidy and free from clutter as possible. If noise is too much of an issue, consider some noise-canceling headphones with soothing instrumental music or white sound to remedy that issue. 

3. Practice your posture

One of the things to consider while working remotely and you don’t have a desk is setting up your workspace. This is to help you avoid body pains caused by slumping too much during the workday. A laptop support stand will save your posture while raising your laptop to eye level. Neck pain will cease when you have a proper posture. Sit up as straight as you can, and your body will thank you later. 

4. Check out the Pomodoro technique 

A big enemy of remote workers is distractions. They are everywhere, and it takes focus and discipline to conquer them. A great time management process to help get you on track with your schedule is called the Pomodoro technique. It boosts productivity by letting you work in increments of time. Choose a task you would like to accomplish, set a timer for 25 minutes, and then work until the timer goes off. You may then check that task off of your list, and take a short break. For every Pomodoros you accomplish, feel free to take a more extended break.

5. Take a walk

Remember that morning walk we mentioned earlier? It’s also great for an afternoon break. Feel free to get outside during the day for some inspiration, fresh air, vitamin D, and exercise. This will help you in taking care of your mental health while remotely working by revitalizing your mind and body.

6. Use apps and virtual tools at your disposal 

When you’re socially distancing, there are many tools to stay chatting with colleagues, family, and friends. However, make sure that you’re getting that “face time” in with apps like Zoom and Skype to beat the loneliness you may be facing. Schedule virtual meetings to stay in the loop and stay connected with your work colleagues during these tough times.

7. Have a strict, daily "quitting time"

While it’s easy to overwork in the comfort of your home, be sure to set a timer and quit working at the same time daily. After all, you can always pick up your work again tomorrow after a pleasant evening of rest.

8. Shut the door on your work 

If it helps, write a list of things-to-do for the next day. This action will help you mentally shut the door on your work for the evening.

Remote workers are more important than ever as the world’s workforce and economy shift during these uncertain times. At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we know that every employee is valuable, no matter where they’re working from. Contact us today if you’re looking for a career in the greater Houston area.

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