9 Ways to Elevate Your Personal Productivity

Posted by Marketing on 11 07, 2020

In these uncertain times, personal productivity can often feel overwhelming when we look at our busy lives and schedules. Also, many of us are now working remotely from home. Daily distractions like family matters, household responsibilities, and other interruptions from our work routines make it hard to concentrate entirely on a full day's work.   

If you're feeling the need to up your productivity and don't know where to start, we've got you covered. Keep reading for some helpful ideas that will get you back in productivity mode in no time.

1. Prepare for your day in advance.

Productivity does not happen on its own. Preparation is key to making it happen. To get the most out of your day, decide beforehand what you need, want, or should get done with the time you'll spend. This preparation will help you move through your tasks more easily and quickly.

Many individuals commit a mistake when they miss the preparation step in the process, making productivity incredibly challenging to achieve. You cannot simply dive into accomplishing many sets of tasks if you don't know what it is you want to accomplish in the first place.  

2. Turn off distractions.

While cell phones, social media, and group chats are a way of life as we know it now, it's no secret that our train of thought slips away quickly when the phone buzzes. If possible, turn your phone on silent during bouts of productivity, as our best work often comes in silence. 

While we often believe that we are multi-taskers who can complete work and do other tasks simultaneously, this is wishful thinking. The reality is that we often need a quiet time and the peace it gives for us to achieve our best work.

3. Expand your definition of personal productivity.

It's effortless to be hard on ourselves about being productive even though our circumstances are rapidly changing from one day to the next. However, productivity should not exist on one static playing field, and so we should expand our definition of the term.

When getting tasks done, we want instant gratification by wishing to accomplish them immediately, from incomplete to finished in a snap. However, as our busy personal lives and work tasks overlap, we may have to take a more scenic route to get to a whole new level of personal productivity.  

It's not a bad thing to play around with your creativity to boost your productivity. In one afternoon, you can brainstorm some ideas, come to some productive conclusions, and learn more than you thought possible by turning your creative vision on.

4. Measure your outcomes.  

There's a saying: "If you can't measure, don't do it." While it's good to take some time with creativity to achieve your goals, if you can't adequately measure how you're faring later on, then you'll never reach a point of conclusion. Gauging how you're doing doesn't always come along with traditional markers like time or money. But, you can look back at old pieces of work to determine how far you've come and where it's headed stylistically. This step will always help you with your personal productivity and probably with your self-confidence, too!

5. Share what you're working on, and don't be afraid to ask for feedback.  

You might save a lot of time by having that one conversation where someone who has an objective view of your project points out that something is merely not working. While a comment like this may not be what you want to hear at the moment, you'll be grateful for it later on. You might save a lot of time by one single conversation when someone who has an objective view about your project points out that something is merely not working. While a comment like this may not be what you want to hear at the moment, you'll be grateful for it later on.  

6. Put out your work in public.  

While your bedroom or office space's quietness and seclusion give the peace you need as you work, it's also a good idea to put out your work in public to test how they will respond. This approach helps give you more insightful feedback, which will speed up your overall development process.  

An excellent way to practice your work remotely during these uncertain times is to use digital tools like social media. There you can release and show off different versions of what you're currently working on -- be it a blog, a book, a recording, etc.  

7. Listen to music.  

While music can be a big distraction to some, to others, it can boost productivity enormously. This concept is especially true if you turn on light, instrumental music, such as Beethoven or Mozart, in the background.

Catchy melodies can take you out of essential tasks at hand. But when soothing music is in the background, your subconscious will be reminded to stay productive.  

8. Remember to take breaks.  

It's essential to recognize that personal productivity during the day doesn't necessarily mean sitting in one place for eight straight hours. Though you might last a day or two in this type of routine, you will easily get burnt out. Know your limits during work hours, and work within what's reasonable to your constraints.

If you need to take ten-minute breaks every 50 minutes of work, that's perfectly acceptable. Maybe you can also work for four hours in the afternoon, but then you need a more extended break before diving back in for another four in the evening. That's fine, too.

Find what works for you based on your definition of personal productivity and not someone else's. Understand your habits, and use them to your advantage.

9. Create your routine.  

Successful individuals like famous innovators, athletes, and musicians, and many others are said to follow specific daily routines to create the right headspace, letting their brains know when it's time to throw themselves into work and when they may relax.

Creating a rhythm to your day may increase your productivity as you train yourself to perform specific tasks at predefined timings throughout the day.

Try to create consistency within your schedule. After all, chaos can be exhausting. Attempting to be more productive during the morning one day, then at midnight the next, while working in the middle of the afternoon on another day, can wear you down very quickly. When you create patterns, productivity follows.

At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we're here to support you with the right tools as you find what works for you as an employee. Contact us today to learn more about how we're promoting the right culture of productivity through our consulting services. 

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