Business Trends For 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on 02 04, 2020

In order to remain nimble and competitive, business owners and executives need to stay on top of trends affecting their industry. Of course, nobody knows with any certainty what the future of the business climate and hiring environment will be. There are, however, certain trends that are impacting business across industry lines.

A recent Forbes article explored how the growing shift to using "on-demand" workers and the changing environment for privacy and security are already affecting businesses around the world. 

Growing Use of "On-Demand" Work

For many types of businesses, the days of hiring nothing but full-time workers who physically come into a centralized office location are a thing of the past. Today, more than ever before, workers are seeking non-traditional work arrangements that give them more flexibility and autonomy. This trend is gaining traction in a big way across the country. In fact, according to the Forbes article, the number of independent workers in the US has grown by 12% over the past five years. 

For workers, the on-demand lifestyle provides the opportunity to create their own work-life balance. But, it's not just the talent that can benefit from non-traditional work arrangements. Businesses can take advantage of this trend in a number of different ways: hiring contract or freelance workers, job sharing arrangements, and encouraging remote work arrangements are just some of the options for leveraging on-demand talent.

Businesses that want to attract and retain top talent need to be mindful of this shift. If your company's mentality is still stuck in a 9-to-5 in-office mindset, devote some time and resources to exploring how to accommodate on-demand relationships. Hiring workers to fill a gap for a defined, specific task can eliminate the need to create and fill an ongoing role. Companies may also save money by not needing as much physical office space, and by keeping benefits and pension costs in line. 

Privacy and Security

With alarming regularity, companies are making the news because of privacy breaches. There has never been more of an awareness and scrutiny of organizations' privacy and security programs. Companies of any size need to make privacy a priority. While larger firms may present a greater opportunity to a cyber criminal, smaller companies are often deemed easier targets. 

Hacking and cyber security fraud have become big enterprises, with sometimes astonishing levels of sophistication. Having policies and procedures in place, and implementing technological safeguards, are a first step in protecting customer information, employee records, company financials, R&D records and other intellectual property from landing in the hands of criminals. However, more and more companies are discovering that the weakest links in their security chains may be their employees themselves. Workers can be tricked into inadvertently providing would-be hackers with systems access. Privacy and security is one area where a little bit of training for workers can go a long way in protecting the firm and its customers from harm. 

Your customers and rank-and-file employees don't just want to hear that you have a privacy policy in place; they want to know that you have people in your organization whose jobs are to actively fight cyber security risk. Your job is to identify your risks and to make sure you have the right people manning the front lines for your privacy and security initiatives. 

Other Trends

Depending on your business and industry, a number of other trends might be having an impact on your results and staffing needs too. The increasingly global economy and marketplace has changed how many companies engage with their customers and workers. Likewise, the shift to social networking as a means of communication and marketing have helped many organizations increase their reach and spread their message to a wider, more diverse audience, but not without some effort.

Identifying your needs and then staffing to those needs are critical steps to becoming, and staying, competitive. 

ICS Can Help

Businesses need to make sure they're allocating sufficient resources to meet all of their staffing needs, including (and especially) their privacy and security initiatives.

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