Chicago Named Top City for StartUps: Midwest Rankings for 2020

Posted by Marketing on 09 18, 2020

The city of Chicago was recently named in a list of top cities for startup and job opportunities. While the city has remained vital for those seeking a business opportunity, it once again shadowed the region's college towns and cities in downstate Illinois, who saw their rankings slip. 

Chicago is growing in its job opportunities as it now ranks as the Midwest's leading tech ecosystem. Now is a great time for tech startups to find their voice in the Windy City. 

Other top cities for business startup growth include Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Ann Arbor. Chicago was number one in a list of cities for business growth based on several factors, including venture data, talent data, and information from the U.S. Census. 

While some cities continue to outperform for opportunities, others in the Midwest are not doing as well. Madison, Lafayette, Champaign, and Bloomington, Indianapolis all fell one spot from their previous rankings from the year before. On the other hand, towns like Iowa City and Lincoln, Nebraska fell to the third and fifth spots, respectively. Cities that saw a rise in startup opportunities included Des Moines, Iowa, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

College towns are still outperforming other metropolitan areas of a similar size that do not feature a university in terms of business opportunity. Experts note that Chicago, with its expanding population and access to capital and resources, keeps sourcing talent out of all the surrounding areas. 

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