Continued Growth of Tech Jobs in Houston, Texas

Posted by Marketing on 04 13, 2020

The city of Houston, Texas, continues to be a top hub for tech jobs in the country. In recent statistics, Houston continues to be a frontrunner in terms of month-on-month growth in information technology job postings in early 2020. No wonder Texas, the state where Houston sits, is getting competitive too, being the second-lead state in the nation’s total IT job postings. 

Houston employs about 150,000 tech workers—some work directly in the tech industry, while many have jobs in non-computer/software-related industries. Houston’s tech sector brings in $28.1 billion to the local economy and is ranked 12th largest in the U.S. 

This rapid growth in tech jobs is not only seen in Houston; the movement is witnessed in the country overall. According to recent findings, employment in the U.S. technology sector has grown significantly as of lately. Companies added 370,000 core information technology positions last February of this year, and those numbers only continue to rise. It’s predicted that tech professionals will pave the way by using their highly valued talents to push boundaries and innovate processes for tech growth in different industries. 

Women, for example, are already getting recognized for carving paths in tech, and Houston is one city that acknowledges the vital role they play in the tech sector’s evolution. In a different study, Houston was named as one top city that’s offering ample opportunity for women in the tech industry. While big cities may not always be the best for women in tech, females fare well in Houston. They amount to 26% of tech positions in the city and receive eighth-highest earnings for women tech workers across the country. Houston was the only one of the five most-populated cities that made it into the country’s top 15 in the said study. 

As Houston continues to grow as a national tech jobs leader, there will be continuous opportunities for all talented and driven individuals interested in finding careers in the region, regardless of gender, race, or creed. To find the right career solution, consider working with a recruiter or agency to help guide you toward positions that can bring you closer to your future goals in the tech industry. 

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