Coronavirus Disrupting the Staffing Industry

Posted by Marketing on 03 17, 2020

As the job market experiences delays in hiring due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many employers are taking precautionary measures and moving toward online recruiting methods, including remote interviewing. As a result, companies and major corporations, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook, are currently recruiting remotely and moving job interviews and other recruiting-related interactions to a virtual-mode. 

Here’s what you need to know on how COVID-19 is impacting the operations of recruitment companies everywhere.

Companies and major corporations shift toward online recruiting.     

With remote interviewing policies in place across organizations, many recruiters have noticed positives that have come with online recruiting, especially when it comes to reaching out to their clients. In fact, recruiters across the board have found it easier to get in contact with clients, many of whom currently find themselves working from home instead of running from meeting to meeting or on business travels.

While some positive results arose from remote interviewing policies, some negatives also surfaced as COVID-19 continues to disrupt the staffing industry.

“Sealing the deal” has become a challenge, prompting delays in hiring. 

For the most part, remote work, remote interviewing, and remote recruiting have become possible thanks to video conferencing apps like Zoom Video Communications and Skype. Zoom even saw a jump in usage and has taken measures to help ease the transition to remote work by removing the 40-minute limit on free meetings for all users in China.

However, the issue lies in the missing piece of the puzzle, which is not possible when the recruitment process operates on a virtual basis: in-person interviews and interactions. 

With face-to-face interviews being removed from the equation, many companies have been unable to seal the deal and fill advertised positions. This especially holds true for senior-level positions, which often require a face-to-face meeting before the final offer. 

Now that we see how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the operations of recruiters globally, some questions remain unanswered as concerns surrounding the safety of individuals everywhere increase.

How will COVID-19 affect the economy? 

With the fallout of COVID-19, which has spread to over 100 countries, there has been fear surrounding how it will impact the global economy. Some organizations have already been affected financially, seeing as much as a 3% drop in profit in just two months. As a result, there is speculation that the outbreak will continue to hurt profit in the coming months.

How is ICS taking action amid COVID-19? 

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become evident that companies with resources for enabling remote recruiting and work-from-home policies are best positioned to support employees and candidates to ease health concerns.

As we keep the safety of our clients and candidates at the forefront, Infinity Consulting Services (ICS) is prepared to take a similar approach during this time to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are met. At this time, ICS will use alternative technologies and online applications, like Zoom Video Conferencing, to accommodate screenings in the recruitment process as we aim to provide our clients with the best solutions as they adjust to this crisis.

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