Female Tech Professionals in Houston See an Improvement in the Gender Pay Gap

Posted by Marketing on 07 06, 2021

According to recent reports, Houston’s pay for female technologists has grown nearly equal to the amount that men earn for the same work.

The statistic marks a significant growth in parity and suggests that Houston is steps ahead of the competition. In fact, the average earnings for women in Houston’s technology industry is now a bit more than $60,000 minus housing costs. Now, Houston ranks eighth among U.S. cities with the highest incomes for female technology workers after subtracting the average housing expenses. Experts have suggested that this trend will continue, marking Houston as a desirable market for companies looking for talented workers.

For a long time, female workers have been undervalued and have been negatively impacted by the gender pay gap. For example, a 2017 study revealed that in nearly every industry, full-time female workers earn only 80% of the amount that men do. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research has reported that these income levels have remained the same across many states, putting women in a difficult position. However, several states, including Houston, have already made great strides in properly compensating female tech professionals for their work. The pay rate between men and women is now nearly equal, where male tech employees are only earning 1% more than women on average.

While the rest of the country has a significant amount of work to do in addressing the gender pay gap issue, Houston has positioned itself at the forefront. Ranking third in the nation in this category, Houston is currently well above the national average of 84%, wherein men in tech earn an average of 16% more than their women counterparts. Currently, only Indianapolis and Long Beach, California have outranked Houston in this category. These locales pay female tech professionals more than men.

Factoring in all other criteria — gender pay gap in the tech industry, income after housing, percentage of women in the tech workforce, and tech employment growth — Houston ranks as the fourth-best U.S. city for women in tech. Just a year ago, Houston ranked eleventh overall in the nation. In a short time, they have made significant advances in addressing the concerns of women in the tech sector and influencing businesses to change. Last year, women earned 94% of what men earned in Houston; the figure has been improved to 99%. 

As women are finding out that they will earn as much as their male counterparts, companies in Houston are sure to begin uncovering a newer, deeper talent pool of candidates. Currently, women make up only 25% of tech laborers in Houston. However, with the growth in pay parity, this number is expected to increase.

Houston, as a whole, has committed itself to make women proportionally represented in every area of the technology workforce. Building a network of female technologists in Houston, the government and companies have partnered together in working to achieve this goal. 

Houston has begun to establish itself as a location in which women can excel in technology careers. Whether it be a career as a software engineer, venture capitalist, or a product manager, Houston is home to promising opportunities that are open to talented individuals. In years to come, Houston has a huge potential to continue to grow its prominence as a tech hub.

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