5 Fun and Interactive Games for Remote Teams

Posted by Marketing on 07 06, 2021

By this time, many companies have made the entire remote setup work. Productivity and connectivity are proven to be possible despite the odds, and so is employee engagement. Welfare checks and virtual team buildings are examples of how workers stay happy and motivated despite the distance. Another way to keep your workforce entertained is through various interactive games facilitated through conferencing apps. 

Included here is a slew of interactive games for remote teams that will not only work with any online conference software but are also easy to explain for a wide range of participants. Be it for a whole-day online team building or just to break the monotony of working from home, these games will surely spruce up your remote work office hours. 


Everyone knows how to play bingo, and it is so easy both for players and facilitators. Winning contestants can easily say “Bingo!” on their microphones and show their cards through their cameras, and game masters can simply announce the numbers out loud for cross-checking. Bingo is your go-to for an easy game fix. 

To set up, your workers may get bingo cards in any way. Printing or even drawing is an option, and there are also bingo cards sold in bookstores. Online bingo number generators are found all over the web, and you or an assigned host may flash these generators onscreen. How about some bingo variations? Instead of numbers, put names of objects they have to find within the house, or questions only answerable through an online search. Some spicing up of the traditional game would be a welcome change. 


Yahtzee is another simple yet fun game to introduce to your team. The game is pretty straightforward to teach, so relaying it to your workers will not be a concern. One problem here is the need for five dice, which is, of course, easily remedied through technology. Several dice-rolling simulators are on the Internet with options on how many dice to roll, what kind of dice to use, and so forth. 

Traditionally, Yahtzee is played with everyone rolling the dice in one round, which poses a problem in the online setting. An answer to this is for each person to have their online dice roller and scorecard ready. When it is their turn, they will share their screen and make all the rolls they can do in one Yahtzee round. Instead of asking all players to share their screens repeatedly, they will only have to, once. With the ease in gameplay, everyone will be shouting “Yahtzee!” with glee by the end of the game. 


Especially that cameras are a staple in every home office nowadays, charades will definitely make virtual meetings interactive. It is also a fun way to see your workers in a different light. Even the very act of teaching everyone the basics of charades is already a team bonding moment. Knowing the signals for “movie” or for how many words or syllables will come in handy when the team has their next onsite charades competition. 

Many video conferencing apps have a “direct message” function that will allow you to send a message only to a specific person in the group call. Use this function to send what the actor will portray for guessing. The app’s mute function will also help in keeping the actor from accidentally blurting out clues. Come to think of it: Charades might be better off, played online. 


Another game that is simple and straightforward that even non-visual artists can play it. While numerous online Pictionary generators exist out there, you can find the tools needed to play this game on almost any computer. Drawing apps are a staple in many operating systems, and even word processing apps have a draw function. 

Screen sharing is once again needed to play this game. Everyone may be allowed to choose which drawing app to use for the game. Those who are not familiar with the said apps may just grab some paper and drawing implements, then show their artwork from time to time through their camera. Pictionary is a game that embodies the cliché: If there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Find It

Adults and children alike are amused by Find It games. Concentration is key to be able to find specific objects or people in a photo full of distractions. Adding a time limit or turning the game into a race of “who finds it first” will surely make it a hit in your next virtual team building. There are also many free Find It photos on the ‘net for your team’s use. 

You may flash the photo onscreen and allow everyone to use the conferencing app’s annotation function to encircle or mark the mystery object. You may also send the photo to everyone and have them manipulate the photo using their drawing or photo editing apps. A more old-fashioned way, but still viable, is to let everyone print the photos and mark them using the usual pen or paper. Even the not-so-tech-savvy can join in the fun. 

An engaging work environment is a fun and motivating environment. 

Continuous efforts in promoting a positive work culture are key in making employees feel guided and also taken care of. At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we can help you come up with ideas on what keeps workers motivated. Fun remote games are only one way of promoting a healthy work environment, and we would like to share more.  

To continue building camaraderie in the workplace, both in the usual or online setting, check out our ICS Blog to explore more means. Feel free to contact us as well for inquiries on how to make the office a healthy environment for your teams. 

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