How to Futureproof Your HR and Reshape Your Workforce

Posted by Marketing on 07 06, 2021

Companies are restructuring the way they operate during this era of digital disruption and higher customer expectations. With this increasing reliance on technology, particularly in the workplace, Human Resources’ (HR) stance as a company’s critical component for the future has become wobbly. These changes have resulted in workers’ increasing demands for HR, and companies are now turning to their HR departments to come up with workforce solutions. However, in 2019, only 40% of HR leaders have a digital plan in place, meaning that most HR leaders are unprepared for the technological revolution taking place in the workforce. This whole situation is now putting pressure on the current structure and practices of HR.  

Looking at the positive side, HR teams must see this as a challenge to find the growth opportunities in reshaping the workforce and the work environment. The workplace’s future means that it’s time to boost HR effectiveness by limiting the individualistic approach (e.g. competence metric, performance management) and moving to more of a team-based approach (e.g. experience design, workforce shaping). Using team-based HR solutions will ensure that everyone is delivering their best possible work, and no one is left out. Combined with the strengths of technology, a team-based approach will boost HR effectiveness if appropriately used. 

To future-proof your HR, you must start to be project-oriented and agile and adopt digital-friendly practices in your functions.   

Avoid focusing on technology. 

The use of the cloud has transformed the way people do business, from sharing digital files to enabling remote operations. However, the technology alone does not deliver the insights, decision-making, and bottom-line evaluation that the human mind does. One of the biggest downfalls of HR departments in an increasingly tech-savvy workplace is that they rely too heavily on technology when HR is a very “person-based” line of work. To boost HR effectiveness, departments must learn how to use the cloud as a tool rather than an end-all-be-all.

Develop a model for the future. 

For HR organizations to get ahead in using the cloud, it is vital to have an operating model that considers the future, enabling you to envision and execute change drivers, such as: 

  • Fast and affordable HR solutions deployment, resulting in next-level mobility and accessibility of businesses and their employees 
  • An intuitive user experience, where users are more familiar with and engaged with your systems 
  • Smarter decision-making when implementing new workforce solutions and excellent communication between teams and departments 
  • A working model that takes tomorrow’s changes into account by being proactive in meeting future demands 

If your business plans for the future, you will maximize the utilization of time and resources, allowing for greater success levels. This model will contribute to future-proofing your HR because it allows you to predict future changes and pivot your organization’s strategies.   

Define what success looks like. 

Besides planning for the future, one must ensure that their company will be successful in that future. Many HR transformations that failed had no defined reason for why the changes were unsuccessful. However, not identifying the cause of transformation faults will make it challenging to strategize for success. 

To ensure success, your company must be clear about what you want to attain and create an operating model that accounts for the future. By creating a model, you will learn from the downfalls of the changes implemented, paving the way for future changes to be more successful. 

Having a plan for the future can also give you an insight into how to manage your workforce efficiently. You will confidently change roles and structure teams and departments to line up with your desired transformation. 

With a map of your goals, work efficiency will increase because you can streamline work practices and lower the cost of newly implemented systems. A future approach will allow for a smooth transition when implementing changes in the company, meaning changes can be established quicker and with a higher success rate. 

Lead your teams toward success. 

When attempting to future-proof your HR, you must take charge and manage your workforce. Here are a few ideas you can implement to improve your business: 

  • Choose a strong leader for your HR department who is knowledgeable and proactive in motivating your HR team to implement changes. 
  • Adopt a future-state operating model. Through it, you can be confident in the changes you implement and raise their rate of success. 
  • Understand the skill sets needed and the resources involved in changing your current setup and transforming to a digitally-led environment. 
  • Engage your employees. If they are happy, they will work harder for you to improve your business stance.

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The Benefits of Embracing Changes in the Workplace 

If you adapt to and embrace technological changes in today’s workforce, you can be sure that your company will benefit. Adopting a new model for the continually changing work environment will result in the following: 

An understanding of the digital era will increase the potential of these workforce solutions. Understanding technology will allow humans to use technology as a tool rather than relying on it.   

  • New light on the value of HR departments gives them more voice in the company.   
  • Transition to an increasingly digital work environment will be seamless because you know how to utilize skills and resources best as and when changes happen. 
  • Employee satisfaction will increase because they will feel more valued within the company, which then increases productivity. 

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