4 Creative Tips to Get a Leg Up in the War on Talent

Posted by Matt Walden on 02 02, 2022

In today's tight labor market, companies will need more creative, innovative solutions to win the war on talent. At ICS, we predict that companies will continue to see tight labor markets, salary inflation, and resignations throughout 2022, causing job seekers to have higher expectations for their careers—specifically revolving around a company's culture and values in addition to salary.

While this is a challenge for hiring managers, it could also be an opportunity for employers willing to embrace the reality of the job market. Employers can get a leg up in the war on talent by focusing on what job seekers want: a better work-life balance, competitive pay, and good company culture. 

2022 Is Going to Be a Tight Labor Market—Here's What You Can Do to Get Ahead

1 – Leverage the Advantages of Remote Work

Employees wanting to work remotely is not a trend that will disappear. In fact, according to our most recent salary guide, remote work will continue to rise in popularity among workers, with 86% of tech professionals saying they'd like to work from home at least some of the time. In addition, we found that most organizations that are winning top talent offer remote flexibility to expand their talent pool past local job seekers. 

2 – Embrace the Use of Contract Workers

Contractors offer employers a flexible way to get work done when needed, potentially offering employers greater flexibility in meeting the needs of their talent base. We predict that the use of contractors and temp workers will continue to increase in 2022 as companies try to keep up with resignations in their workforce. Businesses that are winning in the war on talent have already adopted a contract or contract-to-hire solution to help them stay on top. 

3 – Commit to Diversity & Inclusion

In the war on talent, diversity and inclusion practices often go hand-in-hand. As a result, more companies will be embracing a culture of inclusion, not just in work environments but also in their HR function and within their leadership teams. DE&I also weighs heavily in the minds and hearts of the modern employee—companies with inclusive business cultures are 58% more likely to improve their reputation and retain talent.

4 – Competitive Pay is a Necessity

With so many options for employment, organizations that win top candidates offer the most up-to-date, competitive compensation. The job market is getting tighter, and companies that can offer their employees competitive pay will win out over businesses that are not paying their employees fairly. We predict that winning companies will continue to raise their salaries to attract top talent and retain their workforce for years to come. 

Learn More About What Winning Companies Are Doing During the War on Talent

We predict that the war on talent will continue to grow more competitive, causing companies to have to pull out all the stops as they go head-to-head in their quest for top employees. 

Stay competitive during the candidate shortage by knowing what winning companies are doing to locate and retain top talent by downloading ICS's latest salary guide, Talent War 2022—Who's Winning Now and How. This salary guide dives into some of the most common-touted headlines concerning today's hiring market, assesses just how well they apply to the various industries, includes an extensive list of salary data, and explains what it all means for your business in 2022. 

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