Good Delegation Supports Employee Development

Posted by Marketing on 08 24, 2020

Managers have a lot on their plates. To be great at their jobs, they must be excellent at delegating responsibility and assigning tasks to employees while ensuring that the organization's goals are being met. Strong managers understand how to effectively delegate tasks while giving other employees a chance for helpful feedback and valuable growth. 

There is a misconception that communicating delegated tasks to people is all that is required of managers. That would be merely dumping work onto people, which is completely unfair. Instead, managers must step up and take the responsibility to assign tasks while being clear to the team member on the desired results for the company's good.

Keep reading to learn more about how you, as a manager, can learn how to delegate tasks effectively to team members for ultimate success in your organization.

A Common Failure 

Do you know what a common failure many organizations come across? It is the failure of organizations managers to delegate effectively. This collective failure could be easily remedied if managers would go through training in task delegation.

Too Much, Not Enough 

While some managers are known for dumping too much work onto their employees, others can effectively slow up productivity by not delegating enough work to others. Several reasons some managers think that work responsibilities should not be transferred to others include: 

Some reasons are legitimate for deciding not to delegate specific tasks to fellow employees. It is tough to pass along responsibilities when companies are understaffed, leaving no one to report to managers. However, a few of the reasons listed above do not stand up in rational thought. Managers are not supposed to work entirely by themselves. Instead, they must work with other employees and managers to complete goals, plan for the future while working to improve and develop new strategies. They must prepare for economic changes, strive to keep up with new technology, and keep working on personal development for themselves and their staff.

Managers must ensure that their staff members get as well-trained as possible. Doing so identifies potential future leaders while also preparing a successor once they move up in the company or move onto another position somewhere else someday. When managers delegate responsibility to an employee, that employee becomes a trusted resource valuable to the company. Below are some tips to ensure that your next set of projects requiring delegation goes smoothly. 

Communication of Delegation 

When managers decide to delegate some responsibilities, they need to communicate next with the person or team in charge of a project. Below is a four-part communication process that can help ensure a successful delegation of responsibilities so that duties are done, and expectations on all sides can be met.

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