Houston is a Great City for Female Tech Professionals

Posted by Marketing on 03 15, 2020

In a recent survey, Houston ranked no. 6 on a national list of cities for women in the technology industry. 

Houston continues to break barriers in the gender pay gap between female tech professionals and their male counterparts. According to 2018 data, Houston’s pay gap between men and women is at 99%. This indicates that men made one percent more than women during that time in technology fields, which amounts to $451 in pay difference. At that time, the average gender pay gap in the United States was only at 83%.

Houston also ranks above the national average for payment of women in tech after subtracting the city’s median housing costs. The national average income for women in tech is $55,745, but in Houston, it’s $64,464.

On the flip side, Houston’s ranking on the national list of top cities for women in technology took a slight drop in 2020. It was down to no. 6 from its no. 4 spot in 2019. This fall in the ranks was due to a decrease in tech jobs filled by women, and a lower four-year percentage of tech employment growth — the percentage change in total tech jobs between 2015 and 2018. 

Despite the slight drop in ranking, Houston continues to thrive for women in tech as more continue to succeed in female-led businesses. Talented female tech entrepreneurs in Houston play a pivotal role in establishing startups throughout the city. Amanda Ducah launched Social Mama, which is a networking app for like-minded moms to find friendship and guidance through the social network. Another tech entrepreneur, Diana Murakhovskaya, co-founded The Artemis Fund, which is a venture capital fund. She was previously a co-founder of the New York City startup company Monarq, which was later acquired by the Female Founders Alliance.

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