Houston, Texas Named As Top City In Resonance Consultancy’s 2020 America’s 100 Best Cities List

Posted by Marketing on 09 22, 2020

Houston was recently named one of America’s 100 Best Cities in Resonance Consultancy’s 2020 list. Coming in at No. 11 for the second year in a row, the Bayou City nearly made the top ten best cities based on the quality of life.

In addition, Houston also ranked at No. 32 in Resonance Consultancy firm's World's Best Cities 2020 list, making it the top Texas city in this year's list. Here are the rankings for other cities in Texas:

  • Dallas - No. 14
  • Austin - No. 17
  • San Antonio - No. 28
  • El Paso - No. 49
  • McAllen - No. 83

Houston's current rankings have dropped over the years as a top city for business. In 2018, Houston ranked No. 7 in the United States and No. 31 in the world as one of the best cities based on the quality of life. Specifically, the city was recognized for its key institutions, attractions, infrastructure, and economic climate.

The best small cities 2020 list focused on real estate, tourism, and economic development. In this year's list, Resonance Consultancy reports that international immigration in the past decade has played a major role in Houston's ranking as a top city for business.

The city's increase in immigration has made it one of the most ethnically diverse big cities in the U.S. In addition, according to the latest Census, 48.8% of households in Houston speak a language other than English. This puts Houston in a similar position as New York City, where 48.7% of households speak another language.   

The Bayou City is also home to the fourth-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. However, on the flip side, Houston is not as strong in terms of unemployment. Houston ranks at No. 99 for income inequality and No. 74 in employment.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, Resonance Consultancy added three new data points for the 2020 list of best cities in America. These new data points include the city's number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 (as of July 8, 2020), the city's unemployment rate, and the Gini Index of Income Equality.

For the annual report, Resonance Consultancy looks at where different cities fall in each of these categories:

  • Place. The quality of a city's natural and built environments, such as weather, safety, landmarks, and Covid-19 infections
  • Product. Key institutions, attractions, and infrastructure, including airport connectivity, attractions, museums, university ranking, etc. 
  • People. The diversity of the city's population, such as foreign-born residents and levels of educational attainment
  • Prosperity. How many Fortune 500 companies are in the city as well as household income, employment, and income equality
  • Programming. Food, shows, shopping, and nightlife
  • Promotion. A city's ability to tell its story (evaluated through Google search trends, TripAdvisor reviews, and Instagram hashtags)

Here's a closer look at where Houston ranked in each primary category:

  • Place - No. 48
  • Product - No. 8
  • People - No. 8
  • Prosperity - No. 15
  • Programming - No. 47
  • Promotion - No. 9

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