How a Purpose-Driven Work Culture Can Attract & Retain Top Talent

Posted by Marketing on 07 01, 2021

Many organizations put efforts in perfectly putting their mission, vision, and objectives in a succinct statement, but many fail to clearly communicate and live by the company's true purpose. Weaving in a company's purpose in day-to-day work is integral in ensuring that the workforce knows that their efforts have more value than just profit. 

A purpose-driven workplace is a dream come true for any company, and making it a reality is not a far-fetched idea for companies who are willing to put in the work. Inculcating a purpose-driven work culture in your organization can help you succeed with employee engagement and even retain top talent in the long run. Read on to know more about how your company's purpose is key in keeping your employees motivated and proud to be part of your organization. 

A purpose-driven work culture is one that every employee can identify with.

A unified understanding of the company's purpose is a sure-fire way of uniting everyone toward the same goals. This shared knowledge of company purpose becomes enough motivation for top talents to resonate with as they join your organization and for employees as they perform their role. The challenge, though, frequently lies with making everyone understand it as comprehensively as possible. 

A good start in making your organization's purpose more relatable is to dig into its roots — the story behind it. What needs were the company hoping to meet? Why did its founders feel the urge to put up the business? Relaying your company's rich history not only educates your top candidates and your current employees about the organization but also puts value on why they were chosen. A worker whose presence in the company is recognized will feel motivated, which contributes a lot to employee engagement and retention.

However, sharing the company's purpose should not stop at the history lesson. Adequately communicating the purpose could also trickle into everyday operations. Especially when introducing new processes now that we have to keep up with the current times, one unavoidable question is, "Why are we doing this?" Prepare the answer by linking your company's everyday tasks to the greater picture: the company's purpose. Once workers understand how everything is connected, they will feel more comfortable knowing their importance in the organization. Creating an employee handbook can be an effective means of informing your employees of the company's purpose and their individual roles as a part of it.


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A purpose-driven workplace never stops at developing its employees.

As it thrives, a company with a purpose-driven work culture wants its employees to succeed. The best organizations allocate resources well in motivating their workers to want to become better. This helps in retaining top talents, too, because they feel they are never in a rut. They continue to serve the company's purpose because they know they will improve in the process, as professionals and as people. 

One way to help your employees develop as part of the workforce of tomorrow is by improving their tech-savviness — 72% of respondents in a recent KPMG survey believe that shaping up for the future of the workplace is crucial. As a company leader, you may want to consider which aspects of your operations would benefit from employee upskill training: communications, data security, social media, etc. Individuals trained for the future of the workplace will also see they have a future with the company, resulting in not only increased employee engagement in your company but employee retention as well.  

A purpose-driven work culture is a culture of support. 

While upskill training prepares workers for the future, looking over how they go about with the daily grind of work is just as important. Maintaining the work environment to stay conducive for productivity and personal wellness helps maintain that positive work culture. If employees feel they are cared for, they will also care like an owner. They will be more mindful of the company's purpose in their professional decisions. 

There are many ways to make your employees feel supported. For instance, company events and mental health efforts are some of the proven ways to maintain a positive work environment. Even if the pandemic pushed you to reorganize the workplace, do not forget to keep tabs on giving further assistance and ensuring to keep them connected. Constant check-ins through short virtual meetings remind employees that they are cared for and that communication lines are always open. 

Through these, your company will retain top talents and stop them from looking for "better" companies. For them, it is hard to leave an organization that values you so much. However, please remember that these employee engagement and retention efforts will be more impactful if they are rooted in the organization's purpose. A purpose-driven workplace puts a premium on making the purpose relevant throughout an employee's journey, from hiring them to further developing their career and making their stay a worthwhile experience. 

Build a purpose-driven work culture now. 

At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we understand how communicating and embodying your company's purpose is an important feat but also a challenging one. We are here to help you promote a positive work environment that unites all in fulfilling your collective purpose as an organization. To know more ideas on workplace culture, head out to our ICS blog, or contact us with your questions. We would love to start a conversation with you soon. 

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