How Changes in HR Technologies Will Improve Candidate/Employee Experience in 2020

Posted by Marketing on 05 20, 2020

When it comes to improving the candidate and employee experience, it’s essential for organizations to really think about what steps they can take in truly transforming their Human Resources (HR) department. Every individual’s journey with the company all begins in HR, so by improving HR initiatives, the company is not only setting the stage for positive recruitment experience but also encouraging employee engagement. 

This 2020, countless trends in both HR and technology have emerged to level up candidate and employee experiences. Strategies and tools are out there to help HR departments reinforce its crucial role in shaping interactions from recruitment to engagement. 

Beyond these tactics and tools at your company’s disposal, one thing to really ask yourself is: “How is my company leveraging new technology in HR to improve the recruiting experience for candidates and eventually boost employee engagement?” 

Continue reading to know how changes in HR technology are improving the candidate and employee experience this year.

Improving human resources by prioritizing the candidate

In 2020, creating a positive candidate experience is paramount. Put yourself ahead of the game by treating your candidates like royalty. This is step one in creating a positive experience to build up a pool of engaged employees within your organization. 

Putting your candidates first is essential — in fact, it can make or break the recruiting experience. So, what does it mean to prioritize your candidates and improve the employee experience? For some, it can mean streamlining the process, keeping candidates in the loop, or leveraging new technology in HR. 

Oftentimes, top candidates choose not to move forward with an organization that they don’t feel is putting them first. They also tend to reject the ones where recruiting experiences are too lengthy and inconvenient, don’t keep them in-the-know, and are not up-to-date in terms of emerging technology. In fact, one study conducted by PwC reported that nearly half of job seekers in in-demand fields have turned down an offer due to a bad hiring experience. As you can see in this instance, proving your candidates with a top-notch experience is critical.

Leveraging innovations in HR

You should aim to make your recruitment experience easy for candidates to navigate. The overall recruiting process should be convenient, efficient, and effective. One study found that 72% of applicants who have had a poor recruiting experience tend to share their experience on job review websites, like Glassdoor and Indeed, on social media sites, and by word of mouth with friends and family.  

How best to have a convenient, efficient, and effective process then? The right use of up-to-date technology. Leveraging new technology in HR can help you improve your candidate/employee experience tremendously. It can even help your company create a smooth hiring and HR processes that are mobile-friendly and intuitive.

One simple way to use technology in HR by providing text notifications and reminders to help candidates or employees complete tasks. You can also use technology to help them save time by using features like document uploads and e-signature. 

Emerging technology transforming HR departments

With new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, recruiters no longer need to invest long hours screening countless resumes, answering frequently asked questions, or scheduling interviews. 

When it comes to improving the candidate experience, companies can continue to take advantage of evolving technology. In fact, this trend is expected to continue well into the year, with technology taking the recruiting process to new heights. Video-based job descriptions and virtual assistants, for example, will likely take over and help source existing candidate databases. 

Technology will also come in handy when screening candidates and conducting background checks that are more accurate, comprehensive, and efficient. 

Improving the candidate experience by enhancing the onboarding process

A recent Glassdoor study found that strong new-hire onboarding processes can improve a company’s new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. So, if you really want to improve your company’s candidate/employee experience, you should first consider improving your new-hire onboarding experience. 

A negative onboarding experience can cause new hires to leave a company earlier than expected, which can be a huge financial burden. A recent Glassdoor study found that on average, U.S. employers spend about $4,000 and 24 days to hire a new employee. The last thing you want to do is throw this money away by providing candidates with a negative onboarding experience.

What does this mean for me? 

Improving the candidate/employee experience and transforming your HR department should be priorities for your organization this year. You don’t want to risk falling behind your competition and losing top candidates early on.

At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we want to help all of our clients stay up-to-date on new technology in HR. Please know that we’re here, and we’re available to help you navigate any changes in HR technologies. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how your organization can begin improving the candidate/employee experience.

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