How Important Is Your Work Environment?

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on 07 13, 2021

When searching for a job, you may find yourself most concerned about what salary you will be collecting if you are hired.  Although a high salary is certainly an asset to any career and may attract you at first, the work environment that you attend to every day is just as important, if not more.  A positive, collaborative, creative work environment is what retains employees in the long run, and motivates them to work harder.

So, what exactly are the telltale signs of a positive, collaborative, creative work environment?  You might want to look into these signs, and perhaps even ask your interviewer questions about the work environment in order to rest-assured that you will be excited to contribute to this company when you wake up in the morning.


Whether you are applying for anything from an auditing job to a sales job, good communication within the workplace is essential for fostering a positive work environment.  Chances are, if employees communicate well with each other, and managers communicate well with employees, the workplace will be more productive.  A work environment with good communication is one where everybody knows each others’ names, employees from all tiers are approachable and friendly, and there is a welcoming familiarity and openness that allows interpersonal relationships beyond the realm of the business’s mission.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is the core of a collaborative, positive work environment.  Team spirit builds off of strong interpersonal communication, and strengthens the business because everyone works towards a common goal and feels a strong sense of belonging.  A workplace with team spirit provides rewards and recognition to deserving employees.  Group collaboration is common not only in the lunchroom, but at meetings and discussions as well.  A work environment that welcomes creative, diverse opinions and persons fosters growth, and, in turn, makes the workplace a fun place to be.

Physical Environment

The physical environment of a workplace greatly affects the positivity within the firm.  Great energy can be created by an, attractive, comfortable physical environment.  This energy ultimately enhances productivity and success.  Windows allow natural sunlight and Vitamin D into an office, which are essential to contributing to a good mood.  Similarly, windows allow an employee to look out and envision a new idea, which enhances creativity in the office.  A clean work environment without much clutter allows employees to focus on their goals.  Lastly, an open work environment that is not closed off by cubicles fosters group communication and helps build relationships between employees.

As you can see, interpersonal communication, team spirit, and the physical environment of a workplace are all connected to each other.  If you can find a job that has all three of these factors, then you will make new friends, find happiness, and allow the best version of yourself to shine and contribute to an already successful firm.


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