How New Tech Companies Can Reduce Bias When Hiring

Posted by Marketing on 07 28, 2020

When searching for new talent, many hiring managers look to create a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment. Frequently, however, unconscious bias can make its way into the picture without the hiring managers even realizing it.

If this is something you have struggled with when staffing your tech startup or new tech company, we are here to help. Here are a few hiring tips to help you reduce bias and remain objective when hiring in tech culture.

Make sure your communications are inclusive

One of the first things you should do when looking to increase diversity at your tech company is to edit your written communications. You will want to ensure that anything sent to candidates — such as job descriptions — uses inclusive language and avoids gender bias.

Another way to avoid gender bias is to lose titles like “Mr.” and “Mrs.” when greeting new talent. Instead, remain objective by referring to candidates by their first and last names.

To ensure inclusive communication all around, you may also want to invest in text analysis tools that can catch any biases or exclusive tones in your writing.

Work with Human Resources to implement “blind” resume reviews

Before you begin the initial application review, ask someone else in your company or department to remove or cover all names on resumes and job applications. This will help you and your recruiters focus on the essential information on the application without letting unconscious bias get in the way.

When doing so, an applicant’s name will no longer serve as your first impression of them. Instead, you will have a chance to focus solely on their skills and accomplishments. This will play a major role in creating a diverse workforce.

Screen candidates through a background check

An entirely objective process, background checks will help you verify a candidate’s identity and previous employment. Adding these to your recruitment process will help you avoid making the wrong decision based on subjective factors.

If background checks are not in your company’s budget, you may be able to find organizations that offer free background checks.

Make sure your interviews are structured and unbiased

Structured interviews are a great way to evaluate potential employees. Work on creating a structured interview by writing down a list of questions you will ask candidates each time.

Don’t let your interview become a casual conversation, or you might begin to judge candidates based on their personality or likeability factors. It is important to approach each interview from a strictly analytical perspective to avoid making this mistake.

Most often, likeability is determined by how much you have in common with someone. Don’t make the mistake of using this as a way to judge candidates. Just because you have a lot in common with them doesn’t mean they will do the job well.

Implement skills tests in your hiring process

If you are unsure whether a candidate is right for the job, a skills test is a helpful tool in figuring this out while remaining inclusive. This type of test is great for screening candidates in an unbiased way.

If you don’t want to give your candidates skill tests, you can also ask for samples of their past work. Certain candidates may even have online portfolios that showcase their capabilities in their projects.

Aim for diversity across your organization

Just hiring diverse candidates is not enough to show that your company is committed to creating an inclusive workplace — you will also need to show it. Potential candidates may be skeptical of a company that avoids talking about this topic publicly.

Show candidates that you walk the talk by ensuring that your job postings, company website, and communications highlight your company’s dedication to hiring diverse candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. By speaking about this publicly, you are further proving your commitment to fostering a diverse workplace where everyone is welcome.

Create a framework for diversity and inclusion at your organization

Keep these hiring tips in mind when hiring in tech culture, and you will be well on your way to creating a diverse workforce.

At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we are committed to helping our clients reduce bias throughout the hiring process. If you are looking for more guidance on recruiting diverse candidates and cultivating an inclusive workplace, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions.  

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