5 Tips on How to Appear More Natural During Interviews

Posted by Marketing on 07 01, 2021

When preparing for an interview, many people will tell you to "act naturally" or "be more confident," but they often don't teach you how to do it. However, if you can appear more natural during interviews, it will boost your chance of getting hired.

Appearing natural and confident are not easy things to do, especially when the stakes are high. But, worry not. You can be well on your way to appearing more natural during interviews if you follow these five simple tips that will help you act naturally and ace your interview.

1. Understand the company's mission and history. 

Did you know that 47% of applicants who don't know a company's history didn't get hired by the said company? This chunk of applicants is significant enough to boost your chance of getting hired if you do spend time getting to know the company you're applying to. 

Employers like to hire candidates who show an interest in the company and their history, mission, values, etc. Knowing a company's background also shows the interviewer that you did your homework, which makes them believe that you are willing to go above and beyond. 

If you thoroughly research a company, you will be more comfortable during interviews because you have a solid understanding of what you're discussing with the interviewer. Researching will allow you to be more confident when talking about the company in-depth. You can talk about the company's direction and organizational mission without much stutter. On the other hand, if you don't research the company before your interview, you will come off as unprepared and unnatural.

2. Make eye contact with the interviewer. 

Making eye contact in nerve-wracking situations is often uncomfortable. When being interviewed, many people have the habit of looking away or looking down when they're thinking of what they're going to say next. However, some people never go back to making eye contact after they look away for a minute to gather their thoughts.   

A simple way to practice making eye contact is to go through mock interviews. Have your family or friends ask you questions that you think may be asked during the interview. Try to maintain natural eye contact while confidently and accurately answering the questions. 

Eye contact is a simple skill that will help you appear more confident during interviews. Eye contact is one thing that will significantly boost your chance of getting hired, as studies reveal that 65% of interviewers have not given someone a position because they didn't make eye contact.

3. Remain calm by practicing breathing techniques.

Many people use breathing techniques during high-stress situations. There is a well-known technique that slows your heart and calms your nerves during an interview, allowing you to act naturally.

Although this is a difficult technique to learn, it allows you to be more comfortable during interviews. By slowing your heart through manipulated breathing, you can feel more natural and calmer by diminishing the hyperventilation that comes with nervousness. 

  • Practice this breathing technique to calm your nerves quickly: 
  • With your mouth closed, inhale steadily through your nose for four seconds. 
  • After inhaling for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds.  
  • Exhale the air slowly from your mouth for eight seconds. 
  • Repeat this four times, and your nerves will be reduced significantly. 

This technique is commonly used in Yoga because it helps people remain peaceful and maintain control of their nervous system.

4. Smile and be yourself. 

You know that you are the perfect fit for the position, so why not show that to the interviewer? Be more confident by preparing for the interview in advance, study your resume and know how your experience will guarantee success in the position.  

Be honest with the interviewer; you will feel more natural if you just be yourself. Smiling also goes a long way in terms of showing confidence and acting naturally. Be sure to smile when you enter the interview and while answering questions. 

Being yourself and smiling will make you and the interviewer feel more at ease with each other. It shows that you are a kind, trustworthy person or someone they want to work for their company. This tip is a sure-fire way to ace your interview.

5. Feel more natural by being prepared. 

With interviews, preparation is critical. You are far more likely to appear natural if you have a good idea of what's expected of you and what questions you will be asked. A great way to prepare is by chitchatting with other employees within the company to know what to expect during your interview. Conversing with other employees will allow you to discover quickly what questions the company typically asks.   

Create an internal script for yourself. Having something to go off of can limit the awkward silences that happen when you're trying to think of a good response. Having structure will allow you to focus on your demeanor rather than thinking of answers on the spot. It's simple to form a structure for common interview questions, and it will also help you be more confident in your answers.  

Increase your chances of landing your dream job. 

If you follow these five tips to appear more natural during interviews, you will significantly boost your chance of getting hired! Finally, you can go and get the dream job that you've been striving for! 

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