How To Be Successful When Starting A New Job Remotely

Posted by Marketing on 07 01, 2020

If you've just landed a new job, a big congratulations are in order! However, due to the coronavirus's implications and these uncertain times, you may be starting your new position remotely and working from home. More jobs than ever are now shifting online. Life, including our work lives, is becoming increasingly more virtual than ever before.

However, the great news is there are still ways to be successful in your new job, even if you're remotely working. Keep reading to learn how to acclimate quickly with your team, make a great impression, and get the ball rolling in your new career.

Soft Skills 

In this job market, employers appreciate soft skills that include abilities like critical thinking and problem-solving. They also want and expect you to be adaptable and to collaborate easily with your teammates. These skills that enhance remote working capabilities will serve you during this crucial time, and even after you're no longer new in the remote workforce.

It will help if you're willing to stay flexible in your new position. In the wake of the pandemic, priorities for your company might have shifted. If your supervisors have changed your responsibilities or slightly modified your role in the organization, use the opportunity to show everyone how great you are. Surprise them with your agility, willingness to be successful in these uncertain times. Most likely, your willingness to adapt will lead to new opportunities for more growth in the future.

Everyone loves a problem-solver. Through good times and bad, problem solvers are always in high demand in the corporate world. They are frequently able to anticipate problems to come and quickly determine the resources needed to overcome them. If you possess this unique and very in-demand skill set, don't hang back while issues pile up. Instead, please get in the game to share your talents where they are needed most.

The right attitude is everything. It's natural to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and doubtful about everything going on during these uncertain times. You don't need to hang onto these problems all by yourself. Seek the support of your family and friends. If need be, get in touch with a qualified health professional who can link you to some counseling. However, it's also appropriate to leave your problems at the door as you face your workday. Remember that you're still in the first impression stages at this point. While others may be venting to each other about their problems, try to steer clear of that behavior. It will pay off in the long run, and people will respect you for your positive outlook.

Don't be afraid to get proactive in settling yourself into your new position as well. Your new coworkers may be a bit overwhelmed by having to figure out their jobs while working remotely. Orientation may take longer than it would during normal circumstances, so prove that you're self-sufficient by settling in yourself and mastering remote working. You can start by learning the required programs you'll use, setting up meetings to get to know your colleagues, getting brushed up on the company culture, and understanding critical company-wide policies. Don't be mistaken if no one speaks of this behavior at first; your supervisors and peers will notice and appreciate this can-do effort that you immediately bring to the table.


Setting up a proper workspace in your home is critical to how you work remotely and your work-life success. Sure, you could set up your computer at the kitchen table, but it might serve you better to carve out a space that sets you up for maximum success. With shelter-in-place requirements seeming to stay longer, now is the time to get comfortable with your work habits and space at home.

Before you get started, make sure that your internet access is optimized to its fullest potential. If you don't have a secure connection, you can ask your employer if they could cover a better web connection. If not, consider upgrading for the time being so that you can make a great first impression on your team. If you eventually move into an office space as an employee, you can scale back at your home once more.

Setting the stage in your workspace is the best way to ensure that you have the most productive workday in your home. Ensure that your space is free from noise and disruptions and that the lighting is right in the space where you choose to work. While outside sounds like sirens and cars can be distracting, especially in more urban areas, headphones can help block out excessive noise. Make sure to appear in video calls with your coworkers dressed and looking like you would in-person.

When you're first starting in a remote situation, being available will go a long way towards forging good relationships with your new coworkers. There is a difference between having no boundaries and being available in a professional approach when coworkers need you while working remotely. How do you accomplish this? Respond punctually to messages and calls during work hours. Then, let your team know how they can reach you, like text or call, in case of an office emergency after work hours. This communication tactic will earn you respect while keeping your after-hours boundaries safe.

Keep your children and pets out of sight during working hours. While you think your children and furbabies are precious, it's best to avoid parading them during Zoom meetings. Some coworkers may not appreciate seeing them in a call unless you're especially invited to do so.


Besides churning out great work, decision-makers in your job need to know that you're up for success. This is tough, but here are some tips on working remotely that can boost the visibility of your efforts.

Look for opportunities to prove yourself. While you may not be as busy at first as you might like, due to getting acclimated remotely, look for problems to solve and reach out to colleagues with your willingness to help.

If you also have extra time in your hands, use it to learn something new. If your team is currently facing challenges with remote work, you can find webinars online from platforms, like LinkedIn Learning and others, for information that helps everyone. Then, summarize your findings and share them with your team. Everyone will be grateful for your insights and impressive mindset in working remotely.

Though your boss is likely so busy, you don't have to be invisible. True, you don't want to demand too much of their time, yet still, check with them if weekly check-ins are a feasible option. This way, you can take the lead by creating a plan in advance, sending a list of what you're working on, and including questions to help guide your work. Your boss will likely much appreciate your initiative.

Before the spread of COVID-19, the use of a remote workforce was already on the rise. However, the current quarantine conditions have reinforced that companies can explore more on remote working for their employees and new ways to serve their customers. Regardless of whether you'll eventually be in an office or working remotely for the long haul, know that you can succeed in this digital landscape.

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