The Why, Where, and How of Finding a Remote Contract Job

Posted by Matt Walden on 10 11, 2022


Ready for More Flexible Work? Read This First!  

Maybe you saw a TV show or read an article about the benefits of working remotely and are curious about the more flexible lifestyle that comes with interim work. You’ve decided to free yourself from the office and try to find a fully remote job – or at least consider it. We’ll help you sort out where, how, and why to explore this option as your next career move.  
With the recent trend in remote jobs, it’s no surprise that the team at ICS has received numerous requests from readers asking us how they can find one that suits them. Many of these inquiries come from people who are so interested in working from home that remote work is at the top of their requirements list for a new job or contract. We’ll show you how to start your search here.  

Why: The Benefits of Remote Contract Jobs 

Naturally, you want to know the benefits of not only working remotely but also why you should choose an interim job before jumping in head-first, so we’ll touch on the most significant ones here.  

  • You won’t need to commute, so worries about fluctuating gas prices will be a thing of the past. According to Ridester, the average U.S. commute time totals 52 minutes. That’s nearly a whole hour of time you could better spend with your family, exercising, or enjoying hobbies.  

  • Remote contract jobs allow you to bolster your experience and resume quickly and often with some of the world's leading brands. 

  • Remote workers also report higher efficiency and productivity when working from where they feel most comfortable, which also benefits their employers.  

  • Interim jobs often pay higher hourly wages compared to similar salaried positions. 

  • Location independence also drives candidates to remote jobs. If you don’t have to report to a big city to do your work, you can relocate to a lower cost-of-living area.  

  • Contract work exposes you to various different industries, skill sets, ideas, and networks. 

  • Remote work also proves accommodating to certain lifestyle needs. For example, someone caring for a family member might need to stay close to them. And someone with a medical condition might find the work-life balance needed to juggle appointments.  

Where: Searching for the Top Remote Interim Jobs 

Job Boards: You might be surprised to find out that there are some job boards dedicated to remote work. For example, FlexJobs sends you a curated list of remote, interim, and part-time jobs. Though you have to pay for this service, and not all jobs are fully remote, it’s one of the most expansive sites for remote-only work. If you want to start with a free service, type “Remote” into major job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor to generate remote contract opportunities. You can even set reminders to get alerts for similar jobs.  

Your Current Network: As with any job, your network is your greatest resource when searching for remote work. Not only can you directly connect with people who could have remote contract jobs available, but your network also acts like a referral system. Get the word out that you’re not only looking for a job but one where you can telecommute, and you might be surprised to see which opportunities people refer to you.  

How: Ready to Land the Perfect Remote Contract Job? 

Learn What Companies Are Looking for in a Remote Worker 

Remote work is a whole new world. As such, it’s important to understand what a company is looking for when hiring someone to work remotely. There are many different criteria that you’ll want to include when posting your resume and pursuing a remote opportunity. 
For example, many employers are looking for highly motivated, independent contractors who can perform their duties without much oversight. It’s important to note, too, that employers want new hires who display soft skills like empathy and active listening because your communication, especially non-verbal, will be limited by videoconference. Prove these skills in your interview by talking through pro-social actions you’ve taken in previous jobs.   

Research Popular Remote Collaboration Tools 

If you're unfamiliar with remote work collaboration tools, watch some tutorial videos before your interview. Collaboration tools provide a lifeline for remote workers who need to communicate, collaborate, and plan in real-time. Common project management tools include Asana, Workfront, and In addition, many employers use Slack or Teams to relay supplemental information. Glance at the job description or ask the recruiter to see if you can learn which tool proficiencies the hiring manager is looking for.   

Be Prepared for Remote Interviews 

Your interview for a remote job will set you up for what you will encounter in the job itself – since it will probably occur during a Zoom meeting. So, take cues from the company website to gauge dress code formality, and make sure to look clean and professional during the interview. Also, note that if you have a distracting background, most videoconference tools allow you to blur it so the hiring managers can focus on you.   

Use an Interim Staffing Agency 

Whether you're looking for full-time employment, interim work, or contract-to-hire opportunities, a staffing agency can significantly boost your job search efforts. Interim staffing agencies streamline your job search, give you valuable insight on how to best present yourself to an employer, and give you access to opportunities you wouldn't find on public job boards. If you're looking to get into contracting, having a staffing agency in your arsenal is even more beneficial as they can provide additional support with:  

  • Offering benefits. 

  • Lining up your next contract. 

  • Providing a dedicated recruiter to tackle any of your questions or concerns. 

Need Help Finding a Remote Contract Job? ICS Can Help 

ICS is one of the nation's leading interim staffing firms for finance, legal, IT, and corporate support. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients and candidates to truly understand what they want so we can match the right people with the right organizations. Some of the interim opportunities we hire for include: 

  • Remote contract administrator jobs 

  • Remote IT contract jobs 

  • Remote AML analyst jobs 

  • Remote program manager jobs 

Contact our team today if you're interested in finding an interim job that offers the flexibility, freedom, and pay you deserve. 

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