Women of Color in IT: How We’re Helping IT Employers Create a More Diverse Workplace

Posted by Matt Walden on 11 30, 2021

The field of information technology (IT) has always been challenging to break into. There is a distinct lack of talent available to staff IT firms, and there is often not much diversity among those found. Due to this, many firms are missing out on overlooked talent during the hiring process. 

There is evidence supporting the theory that increased diversity in the workplace can positively influence overall productivity. Furthermore, almost any IT firm can boost productivity by re-evaluating their hiring practices and seeing what additional efforts they can make to diversify their staff.


What Are the Stats?

The IT industry's most significant issue is the sheer lack of professionals available to fill the positions. Even with the lack of available talent, companies often overlook women of color who have the skill set necessary to fill the role. In a demographic so small, they encompass an even smaller and oft-overlooked portion. In fact, across the entire United States, of the 744 computer and information systems managers, only 26.6 percent are women. 

In terms of racial demographics, only 7 percent are African American, 15.5 percent are Asian, and 5.2 percent are Hispanic - meanwhile, 75.5 percent are Caucasian. When taking a closer look, women and people of color are in the minority of IT management roles. The same is true for virtually all IT positions, both management and subordinate.

There are three general causes for this lack of diversity:

  • A shortage of individuals with the education necessary to work in IT.
  • A lack of diversity awareness and inclusion in hiring practices.
  • The challenges women face in the workplace.

If IT firms want to fill positions with highly-qualified candidates, the most obvious solution is to re-evaluate their educational programs, hiring processes, and workplace environment to be more inclusive.


How Does Diversity Improve Results?

Diversity is more than just "ticking off a box" when hiring for skill and the individual. Adding employees from all walks of life, regardless of their sex or race, allows additional viewpoints to contribute to finding solutions to technical issues. These new opinions and techniques can lead to revolutionary concepts and solutions that will help enhance the efficiency of a firm and improve its productivity.

Studies have been conducted on firms employing a diverse staff versus those that do not, comparing their performance per quartile. Those hiring a team diverse in both sex and race saw a significant rise in overall performance compared to those with minimal or nonexistent diversity in their workforce. In addition, the results showed that these companies are 35 percent more likely to enjoy financial returns as a result of this performance spike.


How Infinity Consulting Solutions Is Promoting a Diverse Workplace

Having a diverse workforce can be an essential factor in the success of an IT firm since it provides your company with a new way of looking at a problem, promoting collaboration. However, blind diversity hiring will not be helpful to anyone, and companies should evaluate candidates for skill above all else. Therefore, your business needs to hire with an awareness of both diversity and talent in balance.

Hiring for diversity without compromising skill level can be challenging since there is already a massive talent shortage in the IT industry. However, despite the difficulty involved, it is not an effort you have to make on your own. 

At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we have made it our mission to field technology professionals from all walks of life in positions where they can reach their full potential. So, if you are having trouble diversifying your staff or have any additional questions or concerns about the topic, contact us today. 

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