How We’re Uniting the Workplace with Our HR Candidates

Posted by Matt Walden on 11 10, 2021

There's a common and growing perception within corporate America about Human Resources. That perception can be summed up in one sentence: "Remember, HR is there to protect the company, not the employee." The idea being that HR exists to shield the company from the concerns of the employees and to do the bare minimum necessary to placate them when issues arise, rather than offer any sort of tangible benefit to the employees themselves.

Unfortunately, this is not just a perception amongst workers. It has also taken root at the executive level and has led many companies to hire for HR positions with an eye to company protection.


A Different Approach

As one of the foremost staffing agencies, we at Infinity Consulting Solutions are pushing back against this perception.

We have observed that the most successful companies – those that spend the least on hiring, that have the lowest rates of turnover, and that have the happiest and most successful employees – have HR teams that maintain a stance of neutrality.

In other words, these companies have human resources departments that straddle the line. They aren't wholly worker-favored, but they do what they can to promote a healthy, safe, and balanced work environment. Likewise, they aren't fully in favor of the company but do what they can to limit liability and reduce the risk of complications and issues arising.

The truth is, the best companies sidestep many HR issues entirely. Implementing unbiased hiring practices, building diverse teams, and offering robust benefits to employees all help minimize potential HR issues.


Interests Align

Far too many companies seem to position themselves as antagonists in the work relationship. They buy into the idea that workers must be cogs in a machine of productivity and that anyone who slips below certain metrics just won't cut it. 

The truth of the matter is that the best situation is one where employees are the company. Leadership exists to lead, guide the overall vision of a company, navigate the troubled waters of brand partnerships and venture funding, and develop high-level strategies. Workers exist to fulfill the needs of the company and the interests of their own lives. These two do not need to be at odds with one another.

Healthy, happy, and balanced workers are the key to a productive company. Likewise, engaged and flexible leadership has the best chance of success in the world of business. Companies that pit managers against workers lose much of their time, money, productivity, and results in petty in-fighting and conflicts that don't need to exist in the first place.

It's no coincidence that some of the fastest-growing and most effective companies in the world today are the ones that treat their employees with grace and kindness. The Human Resources department doesn't need to be a shield against workers that don't have issues. Instead, HR can be an interface and a line of communication to solve problems before they become major issues.


Finding the Right Staff

At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we pride ourselves on setting up both employees and companies for long-term success. In HR, we aim to help companies establish teams that can navigate troubled times and smooth wrinkles between management and workers. 

Management deserves results. Workers need to be productive to justify their jobs; this much is true. Thus, HR needs to facilitate a productive environment, which can mean addressing worker concerns with management, not just enforcing management's will on the workers.

If your company is looking to build out an HR team that can facilitate a modern, forward-thinking company, we're here to help. Just contact us today to either post a job opening or meet with us to determine your needs.

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