Is Columbus becoming the new “tech hub” for major tech companies?

Posted by Marketing on 09 29, 2020

As the tech industry grows more daily, Columbus has become more than merely the capital of Ohio. It is a significant hub in the tech startup industry, creating and offering more job opportunities for the industry's talents.

As top tech talents and leaders head to Central Ohio for entrepreneurs opportunities, experts say that its mix of fresh tech companies and startup infrastructure make it poised to become another Silicon Valley.

Exciting energy and attitude draw in those from Ohio state and from all over the world to Columbus. This community's willingness and openness to work with businesses and people from all over the world is paying off.

One smart glass-making company from Singapore recently decided to move its operations to the city and is now heavily investing in Central Ohio as a result. It's not a decision the company made lightly. They looked at other major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and other usual, major tech hubs first, but in the end, Columbus won out. 

A recent study found that Columbus ranks number one in the number of engineers and tech workers among cities of the same size. The city has also been ranked among the top three markets in the nation for entrepreneurs. Recently, Forbes called Columbus the top city for emerging startups.

Big companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook have had their eye on Columbus for some time and have each made a move recently with their own offices and data centers in town. Plus, Columbus' healthcare industry is booming, with many medical advancements being made at local hospitals, which will influence research across the country. 

Experts maintain that this growth in Columbus is substantial and does not look like it will let up anytime soon. They say that growth opportunities are there for both talent and startup companies that want to succeed in Columbus.

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