Opportunities For Businesses and Job Seekers To Come From Albany Business Park Project in Columbus

Posted by Marketing on 07 01, 2020

In the mid-1990s, the focal point of Albany Business Park was a stately country club surrounded by Georgian-style homes and their signature white fences. At the time, the business park was just nine years into development. Its founders, Lex Wexner and Jack Kessler, had the overall goal of building a tight-knit community, similar to the rural England towns that served as their inspiration.

Humble Beginnings

South of the country club lies Route 161, an expressway under construction at the time as there were no interchanges to help people easily move around the city. Meanwhile, to the north of the area sat thousands of acres and vacant land that would eventually become New Albany International Business Park. With such a vast history, how did this area get to where it is today?

In 1996, Discover Financial Services was looking for an ideal location to build an operations center. Bill Ebbings, President of New Albany Co., soon learned that Ohio was in the running for consideration. At the time, however, he had nothing to offer but his vision. Along with his team and then-mayor Colleen Briscoe, Ebbings aimed to do just that — sell his vision to Discover.

The team then laid out their extensive vision for the business park, reflecting a strong public-private partnership while showing the master plan they had in place. On that rainy day, they saw a bright result.

Albany Business Park: The Home of Business Expansion

After accepting the offer brought to them by Ebbings and team, Discover launched New Albany International Business Park with a $72 million 325,000-square-foot center.

In its later years, Discover built a $70 million expansion of the park, including 24 projects involving 5.3 million square feet and an investment worth $2.9 billion. Today, Albany Business Park consists of 12 million square feet through $5 billion in private investment. It’s now home to some of the biggest names in business, from Amazon Web Services and Facebook to Discover Financial Services and Bath & Body Works.

The location is no stranger to business expansion as companies continue to build on the 1,200 remaining acres of the 5,000-acre park.

Many say the park’s layout reflects the city’s role as a strong and reliable partner, not just in terms of economic and master planning but also as a proactive agent of change, taking the initiative to install the necessary infrastructure well before it’s needed.

New Businesses Mean New Job Opportunities 

Although growth and development are not always easy, Albany Business Park is best known for its role in business expansion and creating new business opportunities in Columbus, Ohio. Shovel-ready sites, fiber optic networks, and a fast-track permitting system are just a few of the factors that led to easing the business expansion process at this location.

Here’s a breakdown of what the future of Albany Business Park is looking like in terms of business expansion and new job opportunities:

  • VanTrust Real Estate is looking to construct two speculative warehouses across 33 acres in the business park. So far, construction has begun for part one, which is expected to be completed by December. It’s first building, Innovation I, is a 253,000-square-foot building that will be occupied by Hims Inc., a digital healthcare company.
  • Axium Plastics is undergoing its third expansion with a $4.7 million, 100,000-square-foot building that is expected to be completed this summer. This addition will add 650 jobs to the company.
  • In June, Alene Candles, a Milford, New Hampshire-based company, is set to open a $30 million, 280,000-square-foot expansion that will create 58 jobs. The president of the company, Rod Harl, revealed that the company considered multiple locations for its expansion before deciding on Albany Business Park. Overall, the town’s level of trust and confidence both on a community and business level are two factors that played a major role in the decision.
  • Anomatic has plans for a $68 million, 250,000-square-foot expansion that will add 140 jobs.

Since its inception, the park has seen numerous updates from a business expansion perspective. As you consider what’s next on your job search, you may want to think about Albany Business Park and the next numerous business opportunities around Columbus, Ohio. 

What’s Next for Albany Business Park?

From beauty, information technology, high-tech manufacturing, logistics, and health care industries, there’s no doubt that the office spaces call the business park home are highly diversified. Luckily, this diversity has positioned the park to successfully navigate and handle the economic woes brought on by COVID-19.

With 1,200 acres left of the business park, there’s no telling what path the business expansion and job opportunities in the area will take in the future. One thing, however, is for sure: New jobs and business opportunities will certainly be plentiful. 

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