Plan A Thanksgiving Office Party to Show Your Gratitude

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on 07 14, 2021

Thanksgiving is such a great time of year to show sincere gratitude to your executives, corporate support staff and everyone else on your team. Don't miss this golden opportunity to plan the perfect holiday celebration for your office.  

Join the increasing number of companies taking the time and effort to recognize the holiday together for some lighthearted team building. We generated a few tips when it comes to food and activities. Hopefully, they will help you enjoy the day.

Make This Thanksgiving Special with the Perfect Food and Activities  

There is no shortage of great ideas to make this Thanksgiving special for your team. Let's have a look to see if any of the following ideas seem like the right fit for your office.

Focus on the Food

Spice up your office with delicious treats. If you don't want to do all of the baking or cooking, ask your team to bring in treats, but specify that it has to be Thanksgiving themed. Give them some great recipes to look through as options. You can suggest the following:

  • Feature1.jpgPilgrim Cupcakes- these are the cutest cupcakes you'll ever see. Everybody will be asking for this recipe and taking pictures for Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Fruit Cornucopias - This one is for the health nuts. If someone is on a diet, these are great alternatives to the sweeter treats, but they are still adorable.
  • Reese's and Oreo Turkey Treats- If you want a decadent treat that also looks amazing, opt for these. They won't last long so take a picture before serving. 
  • Turkey Leg Treats- These are great alternatives for vegetarians. They'll feel like they can participate in "turkey" eating.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Pancakes- For those early risers, this is a real treat. Start everyone's day off with a fun food.
  • Rice Krispie Turkey- This is a showstopper. Everyone will rant and rave over this plate. It's one of those things that looks so good you almost don't want to eat it. 
  • Handprint Turkey Cookies- This is great for customizing treats for each employee. Even if you can't make them per everyone's handprint, you can still put their name on them in frosting. 

Have Some Fun Playing Thanksgiving Games

Shake Your Tailfeathers - Empty a tissue box for each player playing and replace the tissues with craft feathers. Attach the box to the player. One way to do that is to tape pantyhose to the box and use the legs to tie it around the player's waist. Make sure the box is on their backside and facing out. Players must then move around and shake until all of the feathers fall out of the box. The first player to do so will win.

Face the Pie - This one is a cross between a word scramble and a pie eating contest. Before you gather your contestants, you'll need to do some prep. You'll need gummy letters to spell out five letter words for each player. These should be themed words like feast and carve. Put one letter of each word into a pie tin and cover it with whipped cream. Do this until you have five pie tins per player. Remember to store in the refrigerator to keep them fresh before the actual competition. Players will race to get to the gummy letter at the bottom of the tin and then proceed onto the other four tins. They must then unscramble the letters to make the word you had picked out previously. The real catch here is that at all times, they must only use their mouth. That includes unscrambling. 

Traffic Yam - You will definitely look at yams differently after this game. Each player will put down a yam on one side of the room and then race to get it across the room to the finish line on the other side. Players will guide the yam by pushing it with a spoon held in their mouth. To increase the entertainment, get as many people as you can to participate at the same time. You can even play defense and push other people's yams out of the way. Whoever gets their yam across the finish line first will be declared the winner.


Act Out Your Company’s Story – Come up with a fun way to tell the story of how your company was founded. You can make it into a play or create it into a running story where everyone has to contribute a sentence. You may find a funny one-liner in there that will get the office laughing. Make sure you get the boss' involved to make it more inclusive. 

Harvest games - Harvest games are great for fall! With activities like bobbing for apples, three-legged races, spoon and egg racing, and many more, you can't go wrong. If it's a nice day outside, take your team out to enjoy the fresh air. Winners can win a dessert of their choosing or an entire turkey.

Have a Recipe Contest – People can be naturally competitive in the office, but this will put them in a different setting. Let your employees have a recipe contest. They can whip up their favorite holiday dishes and have their peers judge them. More food for everyone is never a bad thing. Make sure the judging is fair though and anonymous. That's how office drama can start, and we don't want any of that on a holiday. You can even give away a coveted prize like a day off or a half day. 

Do You Feel Ready for Your Office Thanksgiving Celebration? 

At ICS, we appreciate our own team, and we know how important it is to let your employees know what they mean to you all throughout the year. We hope your team has a lot of fun at your Thanksgiving celebration! If we are thankful for anything this holiday season, it's the relationships we have with our clients and candidates.

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