5 Sustainability Ideas Inspired by Earth Day for Your Workplace

Posted by Matt Walden on 05 03, 2022


Every year for Earth Day we take time to celebrate our progress towards a more sustainable future and think of new ways to protect our planet. As part of this day, it's crucial to think about what we can do daily to increase our efforts toward sustainability - in both our personal and professional lives.

This article will provide five sustainability ideas inspired by Earth Day that you and your organization can continue year-round. But, before we dive into how you can make your business more sustainable, let's take a brief dive into the importance of sustainability in the workplace.

Why Is Sustainability Important in the Workplace?

Business is an impactful force in society. In fact, some businesses out there are bigger than some governments. In today's time, corporations, big and small, have the power to help better the lives of everyone in their community. There are many impacts that businesses can have when going green, such as:

  • Reducing energy and water usage
  • Encouraging others to get involved in sustainability
  • Creating less waste

Society also pushes organizations to focus their efforts on sustainability. More and more customers are looking for businesses to be sustainable - in some cases, they are even willing to pay a premium for products and services that have been created with sustainability in mind. Additionally, job seekers are also looking for employers who focus on sustainability efforts, as it's becoming a more common expectation in the workplace.

5 Earth Day Ideas for Work That Get the Whole Team Excited

Earth Day is a great time to think about making your business more sustainable - that means thinking about things like climate change, recycling, and other initiatives that will help you reduce your carbon footprint while also promoting healthy living in your office. Here are Earth Day Inspired Ideas for work that will help your team be more green:

1) Use Ecosia as an Internet Browser

Ecosia is an online search engine that gives part of its profits back to local tree-planting organizations. While this search engine doesn't have all the same features as Google, it's an excellent way for you and your team to make an environmental difference every day. For example, our team at ICS utilized this free browser last year around earth day, and just through browsing alone, we financed 363 trees to be planted.

2) Create a Task Force

Establish a task force at work that includes employees who are already passionate about going green. This task force can work together to establish small changes that will make big impacts toward a more sustainable future. By having a dedicated team committed to reducing your carbon footprint, you'll be helping the environment while also encouraging a culture of sustainability throughout your company.

3) Eco-Learning Workshops

When it comes to changing mindsets around sustainability in the workplace, nothing beats hands-on learning. Having eco-learning workshops for employees will help them gain more sustainability skills and knowledge.

4) Host a Company Outing for Community Service

Earth Day is a great time to focus on community service, as many organizations host volunteer events around this holiday. While you are focused on giving back to your community, you can also get your employees involved in actionable change while enjoying a day outside of the office.

5) Match Company Donations to Environmental Groups

When your company is donating money to local environmental groups, make sure that you match your employees' donations. This will help boost employee involvement with these organizations and help create a culture of sustainability among your team.

Now that you have five ideas you can continue year-round, we hope you are inspired to take action within your company and become a more sustainable business!

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