Temp Agencies in Chicago See Increased Salaries and Competition for 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on 02 04, 2020

Chicago Continues to Flourish as a Midwestern Technology Employment Hub in 2017

Technology professionals who may want to stop their job search short of the West Coast or the Southwest United States will find a tech haven in downtown Chicago. Local real estate companies confirm that the LOOP area in downtown Chicago is one of the fastest growing rental markets for high-tech professionals with a 24 percent lease rate by local IT companies.

Staffing agencies in Chicago report that IT firms are not just migrating from other areas of the country; suburban IT companies are pulling up roots and matriculating into the city proper. Big names like McDonald’s have made in a new home in trendy neighborhoods, like Fulton Market, in order to attract newly graduated tech Millennials who want to max out their work and social life in the Windy City.

It seems that traditional companies and savvy tech companies have figured out they need to bring the jobs to the people.  The IT jobs market currently has a 3 percent unemployment rate and the future continues to look bright for tech experts in the Chicago IT market well into the coming years. So one of the more viable ways companies in need of these tech professionals have started to compete in the war for talent is to search for ways to lure quality candidates. Employment agencies in Chicago say this means moving into the city to be where the IT staffing agencies and IT talent are residing.

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What Factors Are Attracting Millennials and Tech Grads to Downtown Chicago IT Jobs?

Millennials who want to live, work, and play in a big city will find a perfectly laid out oasis in Chicago. There are myriad reasons why the city attracting IT graduates, which include:

  • A Continuing Increase of Salaries in the Tech Field. Chicago tech-related companies understand that it takes a competitive salary in Chicago to attract and seal the deal with Millennial IT professionals. In this candidate-centered market, tech companies are ready and willing to pay a 10 to 15 percent pay increase to qualified and enthusiastic candidates. Between the current competitive salaries, as well as the continuous influx of technology firms from the Chicago area and beyond, salary increases will most likely continue to rise over the course of 2017.
  • Inexpensive Rent. While Northern California and New York City living can demand a brutal cost of living for young professionals just entering the work force, Chicago has a sweet secret: apartment and rental properties are extremely cheap for large spaces in attractive areas. Rent is less expensive (especially in cool neighborhoods like Logan Square) and the properties offer more appealing accommodations. For a reasonable price, tech professionals reside in luxury buildings featuring amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and on-site gyms.
  • Abundant Temporary Work. Millennials love flexibility in their lives and their work and Chicago temp agencies and temp services are plentiful. The Temp economy in this market is growing at full speed.
  • Easy Transportation Access to Everything. Tech professionals can explore the whole city with comfort and get to work to work easily and quickly, thanks to an unfaltering grid system. Millennials commute by clean CTA trains and buses, Divvy Bikes, wide-open bike lanes, ubiquitous Uber drivers, and the underground Pedway (this last one is especially great for those bitter winter months).

Why Is the Chicago IT Market So Exciting for Technology Professionals at All Levels?

It is an exciting time for technology professionals in downtown Chicago, no matter how much or how little experience. Chicago IT staffing agencies and internal recruiting departments are busier than ever trying to recruit technology candidates.  The low unemployment rate for IT professionals drives Chicago companies to continually find ways to sweeten the pot. One of the ways to do this has been to relocate downtown near the talent. The migration to the cities from the suburbs by the youth has forced companies to look at where the talent is and get there to compete.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, “The survey of 500 IT professionals responsible for key decisions including hiring within their organizations found that 35% would also rehire talent who had previously left the company three months before, and 33% would re-hire no matter how long ago the talent left.”

So many established firms and burgeoning startups have moved downtown, which has created a desirable work and living environment. Chicago’s Midwest location is now luring talented people away from both coasts.  Some industries that set their sights on finding high-quality tech candidates for their technology needs that are making the move to Chicago’s Loop area include banks, communications companies, food distributors, mortgage brokers, career search firms, airlines, and more.

Adding to the benefits of choosing Chicago as a primary job search location features not only a depth of job opportunities, but variety is alive and well too.

Below is the list of top five IT positions up for grabs in Chicago:

  • IT Helpdesk
  • SQL
  • Information Security Analyst – protect companies and their data. There is a desperate need and companies are hiring people without much experience and no platform specificity.  
  • Software Engineer
  • Devops

What Skills Are Chicago Temp Agencies Seeking in Candidates?

Chicago temp agencies tend to recruit candidates who combine a passion for teamwork, strong interpersonal skills, expertise in their specific focus area, and a desire to continue to learn and grow to benefit the needs of the company.

Technology job candidates will find a world of opportunity awaiting them in Chicago, so it is important to explore every possibility on their own and with the help of a professional tech search firm that knows all about a job search in Chicago.

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