The Top 10 Paying Jobs in IT

Posted by Matt Walden on 11 30, 2021


Information technology (IT) continually proves itself to be one of the most essential sectors within the modern working world, growing in importance and demand year after year—and that growth shows no signs of slowing down. 

One of the most critical IT sectors lies in cybersecurity as more and more people seek to take advantage of security holes to profit off personal information. This growth has been so constant that there are aspects that even IT professionals themselves are unaware of

As the need for cutting-edge IT talent grows, the positions associated with the field have seen continuous growth in salary. There are many prized positions in cybersecurity IT due to their invaluable role in protecting private data and competitive salary range. Here are the top ten paying jobs in IT:


#1: Chief Information Security Officer

Chief information security officers (CISO) are responsible for overseeing the IT department in charge of security. Their job focuses on regulating their team and oversees company security to ensure private information is kept confidential. Due to the high-level nature of this role, CISOs are required to be highly skilled and can make over $165,285.00 annually.


#2: Security Architect

Security architects are the ones who create the data infrastructure for security programs. This responsibility requires them to have an in-depth understanding of frameworks that exceeds their subordinates. As a result, security architects enjoy an average salary of $125,841.00 a year.


#3: Information Systems Security Manager

Information systems security managers are responsible for handling the entire system that stores their employers' most sensitive information. In addition, they create strategies and audits to increase network and internet security related to different projects. This job is often high-stress but yields a whopping $118,426.00 a year for their efforts.


#4: Information Systems Security Engineer

Working as subordinates to the managers, information systems security engineers run tests to verify the integrity of the database's security measures and establish IT security measures for the company. These skilled experts command an average salary of $99,874.00 a year.


#5: Application Security Engineer

Application security engineers are responsible for keeping tabs on the software running on a company's system for irregularities and keeping them in line with the current privacy and compliance policies. These engineers enjoy an average salary of $97,684.00 a year.


#6: Malware Analyst

Malware analysts are the experts who work to understand the malicious software that launches attacks on firewalls and employ countermeasures as needed. Malware analysts make an average of $92,880.00 a year.


#7: Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are one of the most crucial positions in IT since they actively test the security of a system to determine if any vulnerabilities can be exploited. Since this position is in high demand, the salary is forecasted to rise, but the current average is $87,817.00 a year.


#8: Security Director

Security directors are the IT professionals who implement a company's security measures and collaborate with law enforcement when necessary. On average, security directors earn $87,976.00 a year.


#9: Forensic Engineer

Forensic engineers are the ones who examine the data from a company's network and hardware for any breaches and collaborate with law enforcement when breaches are detected. On average, forensic engineers earn $86,213.00 a year.


#10: Cyber Security Consultant

Cybersecurity consultants are 3rd party contractors hired on an as-needed basis by companies to help think outside the box regarding the company's digital security. Since they are not full-time, the average pay of these consultants varies based on skill level and reputation, but they tend to level out around $84,514.00 a year.


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