These 6 Strategies are Improving IT Employee Experiences

Posted by Marketing on 07 01, 2021

In today’s job market, hiring managers are exploring new ways to source, attract, and retain top IT talent using a plethora of strategies and technologies. In addition, many organizations have also begun prioritizing their employees’ satisfaction by emphasizing their IT employee experience across the board. 

Continue reading to learn six strategies to incorporate into your company’s hiring practices to improve overall IT employee experiences.

1. Enhance your IT employee experience by using data-driven hires. 

In recent years, the HR departments of various organizations have been using data analytics to build up the IT employee experience. Collecting data, for example, has been helpful in reducing bias when it comes to hiring and promotions and identifying employees who are most likely to leave the company.

Currently, companies are using analytics mainly to identify trends in employee performance and workforce planning, as well as to evaluate recruitment strategies to identify skills gaps and assess talent supply and demand.

In addition, there have been numerous financial benefits to data-driven hires, including providing companies with valuable insights into how much the hiring process will cost per hire, including recruitment and onboarding expenses.

2. Promote internal IT talent. 

To truly take advantage of promoting top IT talent on an internal basis, it can be especially helpful to identify top internal candidates for positions before they open. How is this possible? Well, one way to determine your company’s superstars is by creating internal profiles where employees can list their skills, search for opportunities, and complete training.

Creating a database of your organization’s IT talent provides leaders and hiring managers with the opportunity to search for strong internal candidates while matching them with positions they’re looking to fill before they begin sourcing externally.

3.  Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into HR practices. 

Mainly known for its role in the field of technology, AI has found its way into the corporate world, enhancing the IT employee experience through HR practices. From saving the time recruiters spend reviewing resumes to finding top IT talent online, AI has evolved and is beginning to impact the HR and corporate worlds in new ways, including role matching and assessment.

Some people are even calling AI the most impactful hiring tool today, saying it is on its way to shifting the landscape for employers and candidates alike.

The key to AI in HR, however, lies in maintaining a human approach throughout. Rather than using a “black box mentality” for evaluating candidates, many hiring managers recommend transparency across the board. They advise notifying candidates how AI will be used throughout the process and giving them the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out.

Some benefits to incorporating AI in HR include bias control, real-time candidate feedback, process consolidation and shortening, and ensuring better job fit and employee satisfaction.

4. Attract top IT talent by streamlining your online application platforms.

While AI and one-click applications may have their benefits, there are also some downsides when it comes to streamlining the process. Some job seekers, for example, may become confused with the simplified application model, leading them to apply to the same position more than once. This situation prevents some well-qualified candidates from being considered for the role.

Indeed, companies can streamline their online application process to make it easier for candidates, but candidates can do the same to their applications to make shortlisting easier for hiring managers. One way candidates can do this is by incorporating certain keywords into their application. Be sure to include action words that jump out to your potential employer. 

5. Add a personal touch to your IT employee experience. 

Mobile and tech advances have come in handy in recent years, allowing companies to reach candidates through the channels they frequent the most.

One way to amp up your IT employee experience and add a personal touch is by taking on a mobile-first approach. This entails updating candidates through text messages — an approach that tends to be much more personal than mass emails. 

6. Continue to emphasize employee experience. 

Keeping your employees’ satisfaction at the forefront will allow your organization to attract and retain top IT talent. In the same way that employees work for companies, many organizations are beginning to harbor the perspective that companies also work for their employees. You should always keep in mind that satisfied employees will work hard and contribute their best to your team.

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