Things Candidates Need to Know About Hiring Technology and How They Can Leverage Them

Posted by Marketing on 05 26, 2020

From AI in the hiring process to virtual interviews and assessments, recruiting technology has drastically changed the job search process in the past few years. 

What does modern recruiting look like?

If you’re currently a job seeker, you may still be figuring out how to best navigate and adapt to new recruitment methods that leverage today’s emerging technology. Let’s break down a few things you need to know about recruitment technology and how you can use it to your advantage:

1. AI in the hiring process is helping companies build profiles for job seekers 

Nowadays, recruitment methods involve software that scans resumes for keywords and scrapes information from social profiles, past blog posts, awards, academic history — you name it.

With all this information, employers can create a comprehensive profile about you before they meet you face-to-face. However, a major downside is that these profiles may paint a picture of your career story that is completely different from the one you’re hoping to convey. 

2. Employers are leveraging recruitment technology to enhance skills assessments

We’re not yet saying goodbye to traditional candidate assessments, but we’re saying hello to new and improved versions of these evaluations through modern recruiting.

Using AI has allowed more intelligent algorithms that help employers better determine how well a prospective candidate would perform under a variety of circumstances. These assessments are now commonly used to measure your technical skills or decide whether you’re a cultural fit.

3. Employers want to see how well job seekers handle different scenarios 

During interviews, you’re often asked scenario-type questions that evaluate how you’d respond to certain situations. While these questions have always required detailed answers, employers are now looking for even more.

Companies with modern recruiting resources are now leveraging virtual reality (VR) as recruitment technology. By creating workplace scenarios using VR, hiring managers can see exactly how you’d react to a fast-paced environment and other challenges at work.

How to make modern recruiting work for you

With recruitment methods going digital, you might ask: “Aren’t we missing out on the human connection that comes with recruiting?” Well, it’s still there — the interaction between the job seeker, recruiters, hiring managers, and all others involved in the whole process. Humans will always have the final say if they’ll move forward together.

So, don’t lose hope — here are a few ways to still make modern recruiting work for you:

1. Effectively manage your online presence

Hiring managers often look beyond your resume and build your candidate profile based on what they find online, so you have to develop  and manage your online presence by:

  • Cleaning up social profiles
  • Creating content that supports your personal brand
  • Writing blogs and LinkedIn posts that share your thoughts on industry trends 
  • Creating an online portfolio that showcases success

2. Take advantage of transparency

Through employee reviews, company accounts, and workplace rankings, modern recruiting makes it easier than ever to learn about an organization’s culture before moving forward with an application. It’s the best time now to think about your career wants and needs. So, do your research to find jobs and companies that align with those.

3. Reimagine your idea of job search

Whether you like it or not, recruitment methods will continue to evolve. It’s up to you to keep up and make modern recruitment work for you. Career-mapping and skill-building tools are available online so that you can stay on top of your professional choices. While exploring these, don’t forget to keep a close eye on the new developments in recruitment to ensure that you’ll land your dream job.

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