Tips For Graduates Seeking Jobs During The Pandemic

Posted by Marketing on 08 03, 2020

Many challenges have happened with the global economy in the last 20 years—first, the bubble burst of the 2000s, then the Great Recession, and now, a pandemic. 

Though times are tough for seniors graduating experiencing life after college during these uncertain times, there is one piece of dependable advice we can offer: At the end of the day, you only need one job. 

It all boils down to finding the right employment, as the coronavirus ravages across the United States and making it progressively more difficult to survive in the last months. At this point, over 38 million Americans have filed for unemployment, which makes job hunting and the interview process feel more competitive. 

On the website, job listings were down as of May 15 since the same time last year at 37%. However, the site's uptick on job listings was slightly better at the beginning of the month at 39.5%. These numbers point at a massive downturn in the job hunting market, making it exceptionally difficult for recent graduates to make a living while finding the right mix of work experience. 

However, it's not impossible to find your first job after college right now. Keep reading to learn more about finding a job during this pandemic while keeping hope for the future. 

Stay flexible

News from our daily world is now changing on a day-to-day basis. As updates about the pandemic come in, it's good to keep your mind open to changes. Remember that while hiring is an ongoing process for many companies during this time, it might not look like how you initially thought it would.

Even internships are changing in this new landscape. They're transitioning into remote work at this time. After finding a job online, be prepared for an online interview and remote onboarding. Also, be open to new companies and the opportunities they have to provide. If your blinders are down, you're more likely to accept new possibilities that could lead to great things in the long run.

Follow where the money is

While the pandemic didn't spare any industry from its wrath, some industries are still thriving than others. Tech companies are doing well because they're taking steps to pivot workers into a remote working situation. Also, retail management, delivery work, and healthcare are hiring extensively at this time.

Even if you didn't have experience working in these industries, you could benefit from focusing on transferable skills. If your first job is not your dream career, you can still benefit from enhancing soft skills like time management and organization. That way, when the pandemic clears, and the economy starts to heal, your skills are more developed by then.

Reach out and network

Even if meetings are now taking place online, networking is still an essential part of the job chase. During your job search, don't forget to take advantage of alumni networks. Don't be shy about emailing individuals in an organization or field of interest if you have questions. If you feel it appropriate to name drop any university connections during an interview, go ahead.

It's important to remember that the majority of people want to help you achieve your goals. Don't ask for a job. If you ask for a job directly, you're not going to get a response. However, if you ask for information, you'll most likely get the answer you're looking for.

If you get an informational interview, remember that it doesn't necessarily have to be with the employees who work in the same department you're applying in. A meeting like this can help to give you information about the culture of a company you're applying to. If it goes well, you can then ask about possible further connections in the company. Repeat the process until you move closest to the department you're trying to reach.

If you're looking to strengthen your connection with the company further, you can also ask for a virtual site visit. If you have a mentor at a company, ask them to shadow remotely. Take advantage of virtual conferences as well.

Establish a presence 

One unique experience during this time is the at-home, remote job interview. To make the most of it, look into the camera when you're speaking to someone on the screen. This action will simulate eye contact, which is vital during any job interview. 

During the interview, position yourself in front of the camera in front of a neutral background with good lighting. You must test your audio, video, and overall internet connection before the interview. You might be at home, but dress as though you were going into any office for a regular job interview, so dress the part.

Start small for bigger opportunities 

Don't give up hope if you don't immediately find full-time job opportunities in your area of expertise or interest. Look for virtual internships or micro-internships in the meantime. These paid, short-term internships are often based around a particular project, and while they're not meant to be permanent, they can add much to your resume while you're looking for a regular job. So, don't be afraid of working in a temporary job for three months or longer.

It's important to remember that while employers will not judge whether you were employed during a pandemic, they will look at how productive you were. Are you ready to take steps today towards seriously developing your professional career for the future?

At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we want to help you succeed in finding the right job that will fit your future goals. If you're looking for employment in the Houston area, start by registering with our staffing agency. We would love to help you out in seizing career opportunities!

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