Top 3 Things Your CEO Wants From You As A HR Leader

Posted by Marketing on 05 28, 2020

As a leader in any industry or field, it’s essential to set yourself apart to succeed in your role. This is why Human Resources (HR) executives often ask themselves, “What makes a successful HR and Talent Acquisition leader versus an average leader?”

An HR executive should have a wide array of skills, ranging from strong leadership skills to a forward-thinking mindset. In addition to some of the typical traits that make a good leader, here are the top three Human Resources skills that CEOs are looking for in an HR executive and Talent Acquisition leader.

1. Deliver data-driven solutions

In the past, HR executives deliver solutions based on their feelings and instincts. These types of solutions most often than not reduce high-level work in HR while increasing work for employees. Additionally, success in HR was previously measured using subjective success measures since these were the easiest to measure. Nowadays, these ways of working do not fly with C-suite executives.

Today, CEOs and other top executives are looking for more tangible solutions and more quantifiable success measures. As an HR executive, you should aim to deliver strong data-driven solutions instead of sticking to your gut feeling as past HR managers may have done.

Data-driven solutions are quick and efficient, and they are a great way to show your CEO that you mean business. By providing these types of solutions, you’re showing the highest levels of your organization that you truly understand the overall business goals and that you’re dedicated to designing functions that will help your company reach that outcome.

2. Strive to become an executive mentor

As you may know, it’s unusual for a CEO to go straight to a direct report and ask for help. No matter how much help they need, you may never hear a CEO say, “Hey, I need help on this project. I’m not sure I’m heading in the right direction.”

This is precisely where you, an HR leader, can step in and increase your executive presence. It’s the perfect opportunity to be a confidant or executive coach to your senior leaders. But keep in mind: This is not a role that someone will offer you on a silver platter. It’s a role you must initiate yourself. Often, this is exactly the type of person a CEO is looking for in an HR leader, so don’t be afraid to step up to the challenge, and be there for them.

3. Always look ahead

To your CEO, you’re the company’s first responders and firefighters. Your CEO most likely has high expectations of you and is counting on you to fight the most intense “fires” that your company is faced with. If you’re looking to rise to the occasion and exceed your CEO’s expectations, be sure to think like a futurist and find innovative ways to rise above the “fire.” 

The best way to prepare yourself for the most demanding fires is to build a strong understanding of the many roles technology can play in HR. You can then use this knowledge to incorporate new HR technology into every aspect of your organization’s Human Resource and Talent Acquisition departments. Maintaining a future-forward mindset will help you take your HR and TA leadership skills to the next level.

Take the Next Step in Your Career Journey

At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we want to ensure that all of our leadership candidates in the HR field have an idea of what traits and skills CEOs are looking for to improve their Talent Acquisition and HR functions. 

Please know that we’re here, and we’re available to help guide your search during these unprecedented times. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding open roles and opportunities in HR and Talent Acquisition.

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