Transforming Recruitment Through AI-Powered Contactless Hiring

Posted by Marketing on 07 06, 2021

In today’s world, technological advancements and updates are becoming more widespread. In human resources specifically, emerging technologies are playing a major role in keeping candidates connected to employers amid rapid job market changes. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier in 2020, many businesses were forced to put their recruitment efforts on hold as it was unsafe to gather in person for interviews and work assignments. These changes have made companies around the world fully embrace remote work environments – and it looks like this virtual setting is here to stay for much of the foreseeable future.  

AI-powered hiring practices like video interviews, virtual job offers, and remote onboarding are especially gaining popularity in recruitment. Additionally, the new normal brought on by the pandemic is also playing an essential role in the rise in contactless hiring. 

As businesses and technology continue to evolve along with society, so does the recruitment space – and it is important now more than ever to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Let’s take a deeper dive into everything you need to know about AI recruiting.  

What is AI recruitment?  

Today, artificial intelligence or AI is used across various industries, from science and technology to business and the corporate space. Not only is AI growing in popularity, but many people even argue that it is becoming a crucial area for businesses to pay extra attention to in 2021. 

Not only does AI allow business leaders to boost their human resource tools, it is also a major resource for HR departments to make the hiring process more efficient. This technology is also known for improving the onboarding process by making it simpler and more straightforward. 

Overall, AI has proven to be a big advantage for employers and candidates alike. And the best part is hiring tools such as this one will only continue to advance in the months and years to come.  

How is AI-powered hiring making an impact?  

One of the biggest benefits of AI is the automation capabilities. Artificial intelligence has the power to reduce the amount of repetitive work that needs to be completed by humans. Instead, these mundane and sometimes tedious tasks are completed using technology. As a result, employees have more time available to focus on more important and impactful projects. 

Examples of tasks that can be improved and automated using AI include:   

  • Screening candidates 
  • Sending out communications, such as paperwork or emails 
  • Creating video interview reminders 
  • Compiling and organizing large amounts of data 
  • Planning future recruitment initiatives based on areas of need 

How will AI enhance hiring tools?  

Because contactless hiring methods are the safest way to bring new employees onto your team amid the pandemic, it may be worth it to look into hiring tools that use AI. Onboarding and training processes are a great place to begin. 

When it comes to hiring tools, AI can help make every step contactless and safe for everyone involved. Training sessions, for example, do not need to be conducted in person. Rather, candidates can take these sessions online using virtual reality or augmented reality for an engaging experience. Many companies have even used AI technology to introduce new hires to their office teams virtually since they cannot physically go there.  

AI can also be used to keep track of where candidates are in the recruitment process and send important communications at the right times – both of which are tasks that require a lot of time and effort if done by humans. 

Luckily, AI makes it possible to enhance human resources tools by creating a completely contactless hiring experience. This is extremely beneficial as it takes the responsibility away from employees and allows them to focus on more pressing initiatives. 

How will this tool help my business save time and money?  

Using new technology like AI is a great way to save time and money for your business. Because AI uses automation and does not rely on humans, it is extremely efficient in helping you find the right talents and pointing them in your direction. In addition, this tool can also reduce hiring costs by using automated processes like screenings and background checks. 

Overall, AI-powered hiring can provide your business with many benefits and positive outcomes, including new talent breed, cost-effectiveness, and more.

Power your business through AI recruitment.  

As the world continues to evolve rapidly, it is clear that emerging tech like AI is here to stay. AI-powered contactless hiring has already become the new norm, with practices like video interviews and virtual onboarding becoming more common. 

At Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), we know how important it is to stay up-to-date on all of the latest technological practices and trends, especially when it comes to hiring in a post-COVID world.  

With the help of our experts in human resource tools, we are glad to provide you with the guidance and resources you need to support your future recruitment efforts and business needs. Contact us today to take the first step in using advanced strategies such as AI to transform your hiring process.  

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