Why Are Pre-Employment Assessments Important for Recruiting?

Posted by Matt Walden on 12 23, 2021

Hiring a new employee can be a bit of a gamble; you’re entrusting your responsibilities and reputation to a relative stranger. While a résumé can make a candidate look good on paper, the actual proof of their skill lies in their actions rather than their academic and professional history. One of the best ways to ensure that a candidate is competent and will be a good fit for your company is to assess those skills firsthand.

Companies take full advantage of pre-employment assessment tools every year to evaluate how a potential hire would resolve a task or issue before offering them a position. Today, we’ll be discussing these tools, their efficacy, and some of the potential benefits of working them into your recruiting process.

You Try Before You Buy (or Hire)

The most important benefit pre-employment assessments offer is an insight into how the candidate completes tasks. Employers' remorse is a genuine phenomenon when you hire an employee who looks fantastic on paper but is unable to perform adequately on the job once hired.

Pre-employment assessments can be highly beneficial in analyzing a potential hire's actual qualities when going about tasks. Many job listing sites will allow you to place assessments in the application process that will allow you to create questions specific to the kind of work your company does and what the applicant will likely be doing if hired. If they complete the assessment to your satisfaction, they prove to be a higher quality candidate than those who do not.

For the candidates themselves, the assessments also offer them the opportunity to get insight into the kind of work they will be doing. This insight can help reassure their decision to apply by understanding what kind of tasks they will be assigned and whether they are comfortable and capable of doing them.

Assessments Boost Retention

In the same vein of evaluating how effective an employee an applicant will make, assessments allow you to minimize the amount of "restructuring" you have to do. If a candidate completes an assessment before being hired, you can be more confident in their ability to be a long-lasting employee. This reassurance means you do not have to worry about terminating them for poor performance and can retain employees for longer periods. 

This also means less time spent looking for replacements and staffing your company. It can be equally reassuring to the candidates themselves since it assures them that the work they will be doing is within their skillset and offers a sense of security around their employment with you.

Assessments Bring Accelerated Hiring 

While adding extra steps to the recruitment process might seem like it would have the opposite effect, adding assessments can expedite the transition from applicant to employee. Employers receive hundreds of résumés a day, and having to weed through each and every one can be time-consuming. 

However, using assessments during the process can make it easier to narrow down which applicants are best suited for the position. In the long run, using the assessments makes the entire process smoother and easier to get through. With recruiters already facing more than a few challenges, any help is welcome to find and hire new staff.

Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS)

Pre-employment assessments can save a lot of time when hiring new employees is a concern. They make it simpler to find qualified candidates and streamline the review process. However, if the recruitment process is something you need help with, there is an answer. We at Infinity Consulting Solutions specialize in networking and helping to find qualified professionals for a wide array of positions. Contact us today to hire the top talent in the marketplace. 

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