Why It’s a Good Idea to Change Your Job or Career During the Pandemic

Posted by Marketing on 12 01, 2020

In today’s pandemic-hit economy, hiring trends and employment opportunities are different than any other time in history. However, not everything about COVID is doom and gloom. If you are looking to change your job, worry not. There are still opportunities for you in the current workforce.  

The Challenges of COVID and Making a Job Switch

As we are closing in on a year of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 is far from going away. The virus is causing people and economies all over the world to face challenges they were not prepared to manage. 

While the United States has added over 650,000 jobs in September alone, millions of Americans remain unemployed with no end in sight. Many people are asking, “Is this the time to switch jobs?”, or “Should I stick it out and wait for work to resume — hopefully?”  

For some, the thought of job change would not have even been an option before, for fear of losing their job. Yet, here we are, with millions of Americans unemployed. Hence, the questions on changing jobs or staying where they are, have been lurking in the heads of many for quite some time. 

However, the current outlook on employment has set the stage for making a career switch and giving most people the chance to change their job. If you are considering switching positions, testing new career paths, or making a job change, now may be the time. Being proactive and intentional in your work when you are making a career switch is the best way to move ahead.  

Also, be mindful of opportunities that could make a stark difference in your future. While long-term economic instability is typically unpredictable, if you have goals, you need to understand the opportunities that may be available for you to land your dream job. Those who do this successfully are the people who are more likely to find a better career path over those who do not have well-established employment goals.  

Increasing Job Hopping and Economic Uncertainty 

For business professionals and executives nowadays, days are filled with virtual meetings and collaborations. They conduct their business in a virtual world that would never have seemed possible or practical 10 or 20 years ago. COVID-19 has indeed triggered a tech-forward way of communicating and doing business.  

These changes have added new opportunities and challenges to the way people used to conduct staff hiring. It has also changed the long-held hiring standards that have been in place.  

Statistics show that job switching rates today have nearly doubled since the Great Recession. While changing jobs repeatedly used to be perceived negatively on your resume, now, employers and staffing agencies are not taking job shifting against candidates.

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Employment Standards are Changing

While it has always been true that it is easier to find a new job when you already have one, companies are starting not to weigh current employment as heavily as they once did. With some industries desperate to fill essential positions, they need more people to do a job than individuals with solid work experience.  

Organizations and companies have broadened their idea of what a qualified employee means to them regarding open positions. They are discovering that they can employ people with certain skill sets to work in some positions, even if they did not have hands-on experience on those before. Anyone who is flexible, adaptable, and able now has a great advantage in today's workforce.

Alternative Workforce Possibilities  

Contractors, freelancers, and other short-term workers are finding that they have more work opportunities than ever before because they are used to having a variety of skill sets and being flexible with employers. Currently, they have more opportunities to traverse the gap between self-employed and long-term employment.  

Alternatively, for people who want to go back to their old job or career when they can, they may be willing to take on short-term gigs to cover their lost wages for the time being. Freelancing also provides people with opportunities to supplement their income and test the waters before jumping into self-employment or the so-called alternative workforce.   

How ICS Can Help You  

At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we understand that job stability is vital, especially during these times. To learn more about how to do a career switch, contact us today, and we would be glad to share our best practices with you. 

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