The Results Are In! What Top Talent Thinks About Working Remotely from Home

Posted by Matt Walden on 08 10, 2022

As we enter our third year of virtual workspaces and flexible working arrangements thanks to the pandemic, many companies are trying to determine if a return to the office is possible. However, as more variants continue to pop up and the workforce becomes very comfortable working remotely from home, a five-day commute to the office is starting to look like a thing of the past. 

Recently ICS surveyed a group of 710 candidates who were actively searching for a job in a tech-related field regarding their work-from-home preferences and how likely that would impact their job search. Today's article will break down the data into what top talent thinks about working remotely from home. 

Key Takeaways 

  • We found that the vast majority of candidates (92%) were open to working remotely from home. 
  • When it came to hybrid work options (working remotely 2-3 days per week), 46% of candidates stated that it's critically important to have this option when considering a job offer. From there, 33% said it's very important, 20% said it's somewhat important, and only 2% said it's unimportant.  
  • More flexibility to work remotely was cited as the second most important factor in seeking new employment (right behind an increase in compensation).  

Why Do Candidates Love Remote Work So Much? 

Candidates have made it clear they want remote work to stay. A wide range of attributing factors make working remotely from home appealing to today's workforce. Between being easier to juggle work-life balance, the sheer convenience of working remotely, and lower costs associated with telecommuting, it's easy to see why candidates have made flexible work options a priority in their careers.  

People want the autonomy to live their lives without the burden of being tied to a desk. For those who cannot work remotely full-time, the ability to work from home a couple of times a week is a critical part of maintaining the lifestyle they've worked hard for. 

3 Things Candidates Want in Their Next Job 

According to our survey results, three factors would cause our surveyors to decide to seek new employment. 

1) A Desire for Increased Compensation  

It's no surprise that an increase in compensation is the leading motivator for professionals to begin a job search. Our survey found that 36% of candidates would consider a new job if they saw an increase in compensation.  

2) A Desire for More Flexibility to Work Remote  

Working remotely from home was cited as the second most important factor, with 23% of respondents stating it'd be their most prominent motivator in looking for new employment. 

3) A Desire for a Better Work Culture 

The third leading factor for our surveyors was the company's culture; this consideration was the top choice for 22% of respondents. Candidates want to work for companies that care for their team and have core values that align with their own. 

The Results Are In: Remote Work Is the New Normal 

In an age where companies are clamoring for talent, and remote work is a fan-favorite amongst the workforce, it's clear candidates are going to have sway over how companies implement remote work options in the future. When looking at the data we gathered, it's clear candidates aren't shy when speaking their minds on the topic of remote work. They want it, and they're willing to look for new opportunities to have it. 

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