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Payroll Benefits Specialist

  • Location: NY, NY
  • Job Type: Right to Hire
  • Ref No: 20-01033
  • Date: February 13, 2020
  • Job title:

Briana Capote

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Job Description - Payroll Benefits Specialist

Your Impact - The Payroll & Benefit Specialist plays a critical role in the employee experience at the company.  As point of contact for all employees, you will be responsible for the timely and accurate administration of payroll and benefit programs.  You will provide training and education on employer sponsored benefits, answer questions as they arise and ensure all systems are maintained and updated as needed.  You will be solely responsible for the bi-weekly payroll process, demonstrate knowledge of Tri-Sate payroll regulations and meet all filing deadlines.  Critical skills include the ability to anticipate issues, take initiative to proactively solve problems before they arise and support decisions through data reporting. 

Organization Structure:

Reports to: Director, HR

Primary interactions:  All Employees

Success Factors:

  • Respect & Teamwork:  You approach every interaction from a place of respect teamwork and are committed to serving as a resource for managers and employees.  You work closely with managers and employees so that they understand benefit programs, payroll processes and the systems available to them. 
    • Complete Benefit Overview at monthly New Hire Orientations
    • Measure Onboarding & Offboarding activities for all teams to ensure they are completed prior to New Hire start date and Employee’s last day; disable SPEAR Intranet and Compliance training accounts
    • Set up compliance training account prior to employee’s first day and monitor training to be completed within first 5 days of employment
    • Train all new managers on bi-weekly payroll procedures and systems within 1 week of start  

  • Impact & Passion: You are a champion of the companies benefit programs ensuring timely education and enrollment.
    • Monitor New Hire Enrollments so that elections are made, and coverage is in effect by the employee’s eligibility date
    • Coordinate the annual Open Enrollment process ensuring systems are reading to capture elections in November and coverage is in effect January 1st.
    • Provide feedback on plan design as it arises to Director of HR
    • Ensure payment of all monthly invoices within 30 days of receipt

  • Empathy & Service: You provide 5-star customer service to all employees.  You respond efficiently and accordingly because you understand their feelings and needs. 
    • You make it a habit of practicing their values: Service, Passion, Empathy, Accountability, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork in relation to your work, life and attitude towards others.
    • Respond to all inquiries and requests within 8 businesses hours.
    • Always exercise a high degree of confidentiality and discretion. 

  • Accountability: You take pride in meeting all payroll deadlines and understand the impact this has on the employee experience. 
    • Ensures strong vendor relationships with Ceridian, Brio, MedBridge, etc. so that any system or other issues are addressed within 24 hours. 
    • Assist managers & employees in Timesheet approvals by 12pm Monday of Pay Week
    • Updates to 401k & Benefit Deductions by 2pm Monday of Pay Week
    • Time & Attendance imported to Payroll by 2pm Monday of Pay Week
    • Entry of PT Extra Time Incentive, Message Cancellation Fees, On Call Pay, Referral Bonuses, Reimbursements by 5p Monday of Pay Week
    • Adjust New Hire PT Salaries to 80% of Total Target Base, Review New Hire Salaries for correct salary proration in the first weeks of employment by 5pm Monday of Pay Week
    • Review Employees on LOA to ensure accurate pay, Review Terminated Employees for PTO Payout/Payback and correct salary proration in the last week of employment, enter corrections from previous pay, etc. by 5pm Monday of Pay Week
    • Send All In One Preview Report to CDs and Managers by 12pm Tuesday of Pay Week
    • Receive Approval All In One Preview Report from CDs and Mangers by 10am Wednesday of Pay Week
    • Final Adjustments and submission of payroll by 3pm Wednesday of Pay Week
    • Ensure tax filings and Third-Party Payments are remitted within required quarterly, annual or other filing deadline.
    • Annual verification and reconciliation of W-2s & ACA reporting by required filing deadlines.


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