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Network Voice Engineer

  • Location: Fairfield, CT
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
  • Ref No: 20-02584
  • Date: June 03, 2020
  • Job title:

Job Description - Network Voice Engineer

Network Voice Engineer

As the Network Voice Engineer within Product Engineering, responsibilities focus on overseeing all design, integration, build & support. Contributing and/or leading design discussions on new voice architecture/features/Client platforms in order to meet customers’ expectations and requirements. Making sure any new platform, development, architecture or feature is fully integrated into the overall management model (API provisioning, monitoring, supervision, etc.).

Supporting existing Connexus Voice solution (Clients, application servers, conference bridges, etc.) in terms of design evolution, new features, operations and support.

Supporting Product Engineering development teams in system integration project, when it comes to design/validation of websockets/WebRTC/Rest API developments.

Role and Responsibilities

1. Design, implement, validate and roll out Client solutions (Connexus Unigy, Unigy, Connexus Voice, Unigy Dial-Tone, etc.).

2. Support the projects with Connexus Voice teams or Product Engineering development teams.

3. Assist in supporting existing Connexus Voice solution and its evolutions.

4. Address all OSS requirements when defining new Client solutions (provisioning, supervision, monitoring, reporting).

5. Maintain Client platforms.

6. Ensure to expand functionality or improve Client or voice architecture wherever sees fit.

7. Collaborate with Production Engineering and other teams (Connexus Voice, Connexus, Unigy development/QE, Connexus Cloud/API, OSS team).

8. Demonstrate Client platforms design and operations/support to other teams (trainings/webex).

9. Document all aspects (requirements, specs, test plans & results, operational guides).


  • At least 5 years’ experience with networks architectures and configurations/troubleshooting (routing, VRF, switching, etc.), with CCNP certification at minimum.
  • At least 7 years’ experience with Voice-over-IP solutions design and build, including strong SIP expertise related to VoIP ecosystem like Client, B2BUA, NAT Traversal, application server, softswitch, ICE/Turn/Stun, etc.
  • Experience with WebSocket/webRTC.
  • Experience with systems, ideally Linux admin level and Perl/bash scripting.
  • Experience with APIs globally (XML/SOAP/REST).
  • Experience with envisaging new solutions or features out of the box with strong innovation mindset
  • Experience with building and rolling out complex design worldwide
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with an ability to work well both individually and as a part of a remote development team.
  • Has a proven track record of designing, building and supporting VoIP solutions or components.
  • Understands business workflows involved in provisioning services across the ecosystem.
  • Familiar with tools used for active authentication to support single sign on (SSO) through protocols such as LDAP.
  • Ability to delineate between and develop unique functions appropriate to specific project objectives.
  • Self-motivated and driven


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